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@aquacyy @Pops_maellard_ he stole it a minute after you tweeted howwww
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this person followed me then stole my profile picture then unfollowed me
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RT @beyerstein: The point isn’t to shame to the GOP into behaving, the point is to remind the country that they stole one Supreme C…
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@rewanski @MateuszBrat @Wonziu Ceny nowych smartfonów Apple'a są na ten moment niższe niż gównofonów chińskiej konk…
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RT @KatyTurNBC: Prominent Dem texts: Time to get tough. Do away with the filibuster. Add 2 justices. They stole 2 seats.
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@charliekirk11 What changed is the GOP stole Merritt Garland’s nomination. Hypocrite much?!
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Oshiomole and his pastor have been beaten like they stole phones at Emeka Offor plaza. 😂😂
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RT @Lerato_Pillay: In South Africa if you are not a Celebrity, connected or a politician your life doesn't matter, Somizi stole the Id…
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RT @1975strawbaby: they stole the whole country what’s a few apples
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RT @kambingnisoIeil: to the most talented jgirl who can surf, skate, play guitar, dance and sing, to the luckiest girl who became a mont…
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RT @SiyaMiti_the1st: Somizi has the #IdolsSA gig and Metro FM gig full time. He gets gigs to present here and there. Still he stole from…
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@monicwan @RainiBrian wait somebarry stole a whole lorry?😂😂my goodness
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RT @Maryam__Halliru: So I woke up and stole the spotlight!
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@TheTangerineTa1 @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump White supremacist stole from President Obama!
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Thinking of height Can we stole the boys sudden height growth? Its not fair how nature give boys in their puberty…
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RT @7salmy: God! Why is Fosu-Mensah and Dan James starting for my club in 2020? Where did I go wrong?! Is it the meat I s…
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RT @_Abdulquyum: Imagine taking your Girlfriend to a Wedding, then you told her to help you watch the 11promax you just bought, and…
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Grinch stole the Goce!
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