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RT @OLManitoba: Pay extra attention around railway crossings. Highway/Roadway signs and signals can be hard to see from a distance…
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It also suggests that there's something uniquely sticky about a particular kind of racism that lingers in some geog…
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RT @DavidLONan1: Inside your channels Lives a Bel Air heartbreak And a sovereign kingdom begins to crack The values now sticky like…
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@manylittlewords I send you sticky licks and many tail wags and hope that you will see just how lucky you really are to be alive.
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RT @husbandlwj: i should be writing my essay but i was thinking of star's prompt of jc x wangxian shipper and how i'll make it xich…
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RT @themaine: ❤️❤️ Philly listen in to hear Sticky on the radio all week!!!
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@JonDoyleDesign @QueenSnorlene Will just have to change them sticky ion batteries in the future then for Switch lol, and some analog sticks!
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@amix3k You're creating a very generous free plan. It will definitely make the free users more sticky. Not sure how…
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"Make Them Curious!" 1.Painful 2.Bed ofc! 3.Lights off,sometimes lights on 4.shirts off yah 5. fast,sometimes slow…
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@symfonikz @fmason3 @Tawdry_Lorde Peloton works better with the delta float clips but their pedals are notoriously sticky
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summer smells like overworked, summer school, and sticky sweaty
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@LexilynNon There's a product called Sticky Stuff Remover. Also WD40 works on everything.
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@boxycharm I can't do goopy or sticky gloss oils are great though.
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RT @veterans_i: Do you wash your rice or nah? I wash white rice once and brown rice until the 💦 is clear. I like my white rice kinda sticky.🤷🏾‍♂️
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@shorttyg1 nah shit like thaf definitely make my tip sticky
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RT @themaine: ❤️❤️ Philly listen in to hear Sticky on the radio all week!!!
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Oranges are the most overrated halftime snack of all time. Oranges are meh anyway and then you get all sticky going…
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Until I am able to buy perishables that last more than 3 days in my fridge without turning brown and oozing of stic…
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Sticky Situation... #PS4share
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@Mavarick69 @BeckyHunt5K Is it sticky 😉
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