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@lukerobertblack @J_Scott_95 Progressive aims are always phrased as unavoidable demands. It's one of the many annoying things about them.
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@stephendownes95 Stephen Whirlwind Shaker is on the lookout for Ambassadors to join the team. If you're interested…
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Song profound words. Circle of Peace ft. Stephen Marley (2020 Lyric Video) via @YouTube
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RT @Time4KnowIedge: The unbroken seal on Tutankhamun's tomb, untouched for 3,245 years. (1922)
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RT @Abramjee: Trucks are being attacked. How many arrests? Some taxis are breaking the law for over a week by overloading. How ma…
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@CBSSports hey so you going to allow the big3 league to put swastikas on their jersey and salute Stephen Jackson w…
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RT @douglasssteve: “I have recently finished the King Trilogy. Bravo! Some really great writing.” “I want to follow these characters…
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@highleopold @Globalbizdynam1 No Stephen I’m shouting, glad I could explain the internet to you
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@ajayjagota Intelligence is the ability to adapt to the fact that Stephen Hawkings book is a bit shit actually
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Stephen Kenny handed boost as Rotherham star Chiedozie Ogbene declares for Ireland
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RT @pamelacurr: Why has a two-year-old girl lived her entire life in Australian immigration detention? via @SBSNews
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RT @iam_johnw: Stephen jackson trying to get into the espn and fox sports studios to do work after today
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@stephen_wigmore I didn't even know until windrush that there non-eu residents who weren't actually citizens of thi…
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@Navymat @Stephen_from_Fr @Charles02227699 @AndyLeBabtou Je vous conseille un ophtalmologiste....
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RT @PhilstarNews: COVID-19 survivor and journalist @Howieseverino was apprehended by brgy. officers and police for pulling down his…
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Us Big Time Socialists get called cranks, but strangely no one dares call Nelson Mandela a crank. Or Martin Luther…
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RT @stonecold2050: WTF NEWS: Religious organizations across the U.S. have received at least $7.3 billion in federal rescue package lo…
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