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RT @BumperGraham: Tough words from #Barça President Laporta tonight. The wouldn’t draw you to believe Koeman is staying. Nor would th…
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@mirgray @StarTrekHour @petertrek1 Yeah, but even when Naomi is old enough to make her own decisions, "Do you wanna…
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i cant keep staying up till 4 am like this...
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RT @StSimonand: @davidwalliams has an amazing competition on his website: Answer a simple question about…
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RT @StraskyOmicron: Staying on track, the grind is #REAL
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RT @snowberrysw: dont ask me if im staying or not. tbz has given me so many reasons to stay. after all those comforting words they s…
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@BLUcat5995 N. O. You're staying just as you are, code included.
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RT @runawaygirl248: Theo - no bowel obstruction and scan does not indicate pancreatitis - relief! So they are treating him as gastroent…
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RT @thecaravanindia: The local administration in Ram Sanehi Ghat, in UP's Barabanki district, demolished a six-decades-old mosque in def…
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@Lindo__Zulu @thegreatSamaita @MbaliBiach Women are your grand father, staying home and taking care of the kids, wh…
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@the_harajuku_b Cause it’s gonna free fall staying top 10 for a long time is better then going from 1 to 30
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RT @juliamichaels: AHHHH 🥺🥺🥺🥺 thanks for staying the course with me
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RT @BTSOriented: Listen, any reason to stay alive, whether it's bcs of your favorite band's music or your cat meowing, is a fcking g…
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RT @geezerpaulr: How are doctors and nurses in the NHS staying silent on all this . God I know we all need jobs etc but surely your…
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RT @hjhopeworld: imagine getting a chance to see ateez but making them uncomfortable by staying too close to them instead of respecting their personal space
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RT @Tommy_USA: I remember when the unions did stunts like this which resulted in many public schools staying closed 9 months longe…
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Friend is staying here for a few days. Friend bought snacks for kids + said help yourself to muffin Bc kids won’t…
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I’m never moving out I already told my dad I’m staying with that house I literally do not care
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RT @Lukxybea1: Pray for Kaduna. 🙏🏾 Some of us are staying for 1st, 2nd and 3rd service just to charge phone oh.. 😒💔🤦‍♀️
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