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@Real__Ari @kylegriffin1 Let's see if I got this right. Republicans run the economy into the ground and then whine…
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nothing more embarrassing than your card declining and people are waiting behind you. like nvm i don’t need groceri…
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RT @srullaa: finna starve myself
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Want to fix College Indoctrination? STARVE the Colleges! via @YouTube
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Think imma do it and just starve lmfao
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@RampCapitalLLC I had tap water and toast. Lady and I just checked our rations. We should make it through mid July…
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RT @KeanuButhelezi: One thing about me ? I’d rather starve in my room than go greet visitors
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RT @___minx: Every time I spend money I’m not supposed to I’m taking it out of my grocery money. Me ago learn or starve this month
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Run society like an organism, not a business. A thumb shouldn’t outsource lungs or downsize kidneys Don’t militariz…
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Maybe they starve and if that being President and looking sophisticated to meet you, my thoughts start to look back to escape
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rather starve to death in my room than go greet visitors :)
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RT @Chxta: The man that tries to starve you to death but stops only because the strategy he chose to kill you has backfired wi…
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RT @AMERICAN__TGM: It’s so easy to sit in DC and say that all the kids coming over the border are a challenge. Stupidity speaks loudly…
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RT @KeanuButhelezi: One thing about me ? I’d rather starve in my room than go greet visitors
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RT @AoDespair: Write a book, take no royalties for the sale of it. You'll starve right quick, you dumb motherfucker.
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( 카톡: oticket ) morning 핸드폰소액결제 skill 카드한도현금화 starve 신용카드현금화 cut 휴대폰정보이용료 network 신용카드깡 soap 구글정보이용료 eye 휴대폰소액결제 정책 365일 24시 언제나 친절상담
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RT @Pine_thank_U: 길가다가 필름카메라 자판기..😳🤍
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This country would rather watch us starve and die than help us. Why do we allow this?
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RT @koslen_bambi: “Ron Johnson” Senate Reps are slowing the vote for the Stimulus bill. They don’t care if more suffer,starve,made ho…
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RT @UrsulaV: The thing that depresses me about the last few days of Copyright Discourse is how many people have cheerfully told…
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