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RT @JeffGrossPoker: Giving Away $111 One Shot @partypoker ticket; RT, like & Tag a Friend Day 2 sweat in the $5,000,000 PKO; I'm 58/45…
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RT @modsiwW: I started a trend hehe
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RT @tobi_adebayo_: How is started. How it Ended. Pencils on Paper. Please RT my art.
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RT @GazetteNGR: Civil war has started in Nigeria: Pat Utomi
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RT @BiafranTweets: “Nigeria is in a civil war. So, let us not deceive ourselves. Nigeria is in a war. Unfortunately, the victims of th…
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I've gone and done it I've started watching @GameOfThrones I'm very late to the party but I thought why not? Your t…
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RT @emmaogreen: A while ago, I started noticing something strange: Very progressive people, who love to talk about "believing in sc…
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$elon / @DogelonMars is waking the fuck up. did a x3 since my tweet about it. I'm starting to fall in love with thi…
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RT @rulajebreal: A large fire in al-Aqsa’s courtyard as settlers celebrate. Every year, Jewish extremists rip thru Jerusalem to terr…
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@priscilla_mante I’ve just started this and it is wonderful! I adore Jaz! Will be properly raving and shouting about it 💜
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RT @foxfeather: How it started: How it's going:
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Back in May 2020 the UK government introduced the "Covid Alert System" as we returned to "normality" it was even de…
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RT @HARDWHlTE: The NM5 era has officially started Barbz. Nicki is coming for BLOOD THIS ERA.
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RT @modsiwW: I started a trend hehe
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RT @eyiaj: Just started this book the other day...chile i was only 20 pages in and had tears in my eyes 😭
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@dougdirt24 I think the beginning of the season is playing a trick on peoples minds. They aren’t as good hitting as…
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and like, i want to remind y'all that saiki k started airing in 2016. funi gave up on the license after a season
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RT @umxrrrr: Let's do something good today. ❤️ Fatima and Ejaz are disabled but courageous husband and wife. Who have started t…
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RT @Louis_Tomlinson: @shawnismyhabit We're just getting started!
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RT @AfricaFactsZone: The Kazungula Bridge connecting Zambia and Botswana across the Zambezi River has been finally opened. The bridge i…
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