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RT @FICplayers: The big question circling round the camp today is will the big man @kieran1889 start in centre mid? On his day he’s as good as de bruyne
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RT @InjunPyoPyo: Pffftttt Dongpyo deserves this position. If you watch pdx from the start of the center selection on YouTube and Nav…
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RT @Asad_Umar: The current account surplus in October, after a gap of 4 years, is a great omen. With consistent results of the tou…
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@TheKhbri He does what he can do at the start he was doing 3 jobs He ain’t asking for something big just Roti whic…
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RT @mSclariemaeB: mood: wanna move to another city and start a new life.
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But Ghana NSS for start dey do uniforms oo. Some of these personnels dey figure employees too much🤣🤣🤣🤣
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RT @starboylife: Your boyfriend leaves his phone unlocked with you. Instead of you to quickly transfer money to your account and del…
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NBA 2k combine league has got to be rigged I've grinded all year for the opportunity to possibly become pro only to…
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Clood, le gestionnaire de mots de passe toulousain qui ne stocke pas les données via @LaTribuneTlse
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You might be interested to know, I have employed the services of a witch to cast a spell on Tories so that when the…
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@DwScuds @jeremycorbyn He just said... billionaires. If you don’t know the unbelievable difference between a millio…
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Unexpected BOARD::MarkTrace: multiple pad_on_start [KiCad User Forum]
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RT @Wamagaisa: Keep throwing facts at them. They might pretend not to see them. But keep throwing them out there. Someone is readi…
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Happening now: we start excavations in a new cave at Bit Kouat, Essaouira, Morocco ! @LevalloisMuffin
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RT @skep_ticals: how broke you gotta be to start seasoning some ice 😭
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@Brotamins Can’t fuck all day if you don’t start in the morning.
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RT @MAbrar888: #باغی_ہوں_ایسے_نظام_کا Although US was not interested in this region until 1954 when Sir foster Dalce formulated a…
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@epcotia_start やーーん中華にしよ???🥺🥺🥺
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RT @jjuranosaurus: Love Page Online Sale will start on Nov 20 (Wed) at 2PM KST until Nov 22 (Fri) 6PM KST on withdrama site :) #NUEST…
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RT @DONJAZZY: Your vision can only be clear when you Stay Focused but if you get distracted and start looking at what others are…
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