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jaykay is a babie but when he’s on stage he is so daddy material
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RT @ZaynForHero: Just woke up from dreaming Zayn has been back on stage. Herbie, MYKL and me were standing front row and before he w…
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どんなに快眠でもどんなにうまい飯で優勝しても「7th day2でしょこちゃんうめめの肩抱いてトモダチ on the Stageしたんだよな…」ってなってる
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RT @parkjmfairy: jimi in practice jimin on live stage
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RT @LadyERiddle: I love @Lauren_Daigle and @KeithUrban on one stage! Thank you Lauren for supporting music education. I’ll see you…
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The Kills, straight off stage at the Metro on Oxford Street 2005. Shell shocked from their own explosive performanc…
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Amy Klobuchar Says She'd Support Bloomberg for President and He 'Should Be on' the Debate Stage - Newsweek Amy Klo…
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what date are these outfits from or stage or something i cant find it its driving me up the wall
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RT @tvchampion: ไม่ให้ขึ้นบนstage แต่นั่งได้ #iam48
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RT @oofuri_stage: 「おおきく振りかぶって」には、魔球も何も登場しません。ごく普通の高校生が、それぞれのトラウマやコンプレックスと闘いながら、懸命に野球をしています。 悩み苦しみながら、それでも走り続ける姿は、青春そのものです。 2/24まで上演し…
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RT @MagaAngelo45: So Bernie has resorted to topless girls on stage to increase event attendance?
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RT @animatecafe_hrz: 【MANKAI STAGE『A3!』~AUTUMN 2020~】 いよいよ明日から「MANKAI STAGE『A3!』~AUTUMN 2020~」とのコラボがスタートいたします😊✨ 皆様のご来店、スタッフ一同心よりお待ちしてお…
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RT @CHANSOOperior: JONGDAE ACTING, RAPPING AND SINGING IN A MUSICAL who's doing it like him huh!!! PS: Can Jongdae just do another mu…
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RT @_KazRina_: Congrats #Heechul and thank you for letting us hear your precious voice💗 We're so proud and nothing makes us happie…
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RT @tomyloveshownu: 🐻You Can't Hold My Heart is a rly nice song but when I'm singing it in front of mbbs, I'm not too sure in what way…
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I also saw @AnnabelYork5 in ‘The Indecent Musings of Miss Doncaster 2007’ at @VAULTFestival & was blown away!! She…
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RT @mila_mile: Kemaren akhirnya ke Gudetama di MOI, nungguin muncul di stage. Tapi lama banget jalannya astaga. 45 detik cuma buat…
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RT @thetaeprint: [MEDIA] Taehyung nicknamed as “Idol textbook" and “Stage master” has become a role model for young idols & rookies…
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RT @stage_natalie: 「光の王」追加キャストに市川右團次・中村児太郎・土屋太鳳・Travis Japan
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RT @LisaMei62: Can't control the stage but wants to control our country.
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