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I have not been on this app (or social media, in general). And I'll continue to minimize the amount of time I spend up here
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RT @Bossip: Bye Louis! Bye Gucci! 15 Black-Owned Fashion Brands To Spend Your Black Coin$ On Instead (…
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RT @GovWhitmer: Today, we marched. For George. For Ahmaud. For Breonna. I will never be able to fully understand the pain that Bl…
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RT @CNN: Most of Google's US workforce has been working remotely since March due to the coronavirus. To help with the shift,…
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RT @Roxy_Moore_: FACT: More police officers on trial for black deaths in custody in Australia have been PROMOTED than CONVICTED. Abo…
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RT @noelia1771: I love this friendship, hope they can spend more time together 😊 From Moly_makeup 💖 #MewSingtoBoom
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I really wanted to spend my birthday with myy friends 🥺🥺
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RT @karlhandforth: Cant wait to spend an hour getting slaughtered by two minecraft gods.....Yay me 😂
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@ProdigyFCi @ESPNFC Would you rather spend 2 hours watching a surgical operation or the Champions League final?
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@Amad_Arep That's true bro but a laptop that cost 5.6k just do to "enough" work is dumb. Belum lg masuk nk repair k…
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RT @christinasosseh: no there is nothing wrong with you. They are talking about us being billions in debt which needs to be paid back an…
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RT @HarronWawker: Leaving hundreds of people packed together in jails is cruelty, period, but note that this is also a choice the cit…
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RT @Patriqtscott: So if we defund the police can we spend that money sending firearms and ammo to law abiding citizens? That ought to…
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Lfc fans... Due to us not wanting to spend this year... Would u take coutinho back on loan for this season?
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RT @noelia1771: I love this friendship, hope they can spend more time together 😊 From Moly_makeup 💖 #MewSingtoBoom
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RT @Whereisblockaye: Niggas spend money on Xans when sleep is free 🤨
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RT @____Bnicole1: They said bitches with good jobs spend money like drug dealers. It’s me I’m bitches😕😩😭😭😭😭
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RT @Heritage: Many are realizing that ‘stimulus’ checks are poorly targeted... and *not actually stimulative* Governments can't…
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RT @dramadelinquent: Women who falsely accuse men of rape should spend time behind bars
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