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RT @softboimino: they spend about an hour filming each episode! yoon says there's rarely a moment of silence, they're constantly in…
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The other lad was complaining his gon spend roughly R9k on documents, a further 10k getting an Engineer to price the documents for him 🥴
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RT @TheRedmenTV: Wow. That’s how you spend money on a goalkeeper
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RT @EmmaHarperMSP: “The husband of one of the Conservative Party's biggest donors was secretly funded by a Russian oligarch with close…
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RT @FaZeClan: Some people spend all game planning out their rotates in Fortnite Tournaments... @Funk just hops in the Uber.
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RT @Im_Sanju_Ss: I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone.
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RT @DiePlaasPatriot: Sorry poor people, we would rather spend R10b so that we and our family can fly business class. We don't care about…
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RT @LilHuncho23: We not 13 anymore shawty , pack a spend da night bag & come stay the whole week
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@scysolo I’m trying not to bc i dont wanna spend the money but also I’m looking at my wallet like 👀
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RT @ClosetFanGirl01: @Smritip55672642 Sensitive coz its a face that make women stop whatever they are doing and spend few minutes staring 😂😂
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I’m mad I had to spend 200$ on this little book and we have yet to use it for class 🙄
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I don’t spend time with my friend no more bc I respect that we do have different responsibilities to keep up with.
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@dankcrusader420 thanks letting me borrow your amex card bro, crazy all that feria and no mamasota to spend it on
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@LukeEdwardsTele I don't think it is over the top. There have been many performances like this under Bruce who has…
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RT @ImRaina: It was an honour to spend the day with the pride of our nation #IndianArmy 🇮🇳. I salute them for their selfless ser…
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this podcast is longer than the time i spend at work
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RT @LilHuncho23: We not 13 anymore shawty , pack a spend da night bag & come stay the whole week
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If you think I’m gonna spend hours tomorrow making my home screen as aesthetic as’re absolutely right.
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Countries like American spend billions on preparing for war, but when a little virus comes along it has nothing to offer
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RT @stilItaegi: “ but no matter what, BTS and ARMY are finding their own way to spend time together “
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