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RT @i_am_mzria: Just wondering if the '15secs elevator speech' actually happen in Nigeria?
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an unmotivated person delivering a motivational speech is so funny to me 💀
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RT @ayanphilippines: The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network - Philippines extends its empathy towards the Burmese people as their military se…
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RT @KaitMarieox: The Democrats are about to decimate your religious freedom, take away your free speech, and destroy womanhood. Me…
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RT @Quiet__Please: The so called free speech types are quick to brief $15k/day deffo lawyers
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RT @ananavarro: CPAC: 1. Cruz, Ivy League grad, married to Goldman-Sachs exec, living in million dollar home, guest of Cancun Ritz…
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@RealKHiveQueenB The headlines will read: “Bernie Gove Impassioned Speech” and the Covid relief checks will be delayed another week.
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Death, taxes and 'free speech' alt-right social networks suffering data breaches. #Gab, a social network popular a…
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RT @janninereid1: We'll be ready for you Mr. President ❤️ you've definitely got all 80 million of our votes, maybe more! Trump lays…
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RT @FarhangNamdar: People gathering outside Hyatt hotel to welcome Trump to CPAC as he is scheduled to deliver his most-awaiting speec…
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@SAWYER_1984_ @AnnastaciaMP So much for freedom of speech n being able to have a different opinion to bootlickibg s…
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@hamezhill More racists being racist masquerading as a tedious culture war /free speech shite. Get in the bin.
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RT @JDWilson08: Claiming there is a struggle between "friends" vs "enemies" of China within Australia is not only wrong, but also a…
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Intelligibility prediction for speech mixed with white Gaussian noise at low signal-to-noise ratios
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RT @win_protect: ⚠️REPORT MULTIPLE TIMES ⚠️ ⭕️Do NOT ignore ⭕️Do NOT engage 🔗 🔗 ⭕️…
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RT @atensnut: Joe Biden has no idea what Trump’s speech was about. Biden is not in charge.
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RT @b1f3rn: บล็อคไม่ได้แปลว่าไม่มี free of speech จ้า อยากพิมก็พิมไปสิทธิของคุณ เค้าจะไม่ฟังก็สิทธิของเค้า คุณก็ไม่เดือดร้อนนี่…
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Speech ba iyan?
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RT @jason_meister: President Trump’s speech at #CPAC2021 eclipsed 31 million live viewers on social media.
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RT @random_pest: @georgiedent @ScottMorrisonMP @4corners @Milliganreports I find it horrifying that in a democracy with implied free…
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