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RT @atrupar: A notable moment — Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner effusively praised Joe Biden’s speech honoring fallen Capitol of…
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RT @khandaadha: I am depressed antey ekkada lavadalo motivational speech lo istaro ani bhaypadi I am tired ani cheppalsi vastundhi.
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Holding Chris Benoit back in I’m guessing 1993 or 1994. Well I guess nobody had given me the “dress like a star” sp…
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RT @CanSouthSudan: Peace begins with the truth. 🇨🇦is proud to support @SentinelProject & @CSRF_SS to: - 🚫Counter misinformation & di…
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it’s “freedom of speech” until it’s a gay black man expressing himself the way he wants to
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RT @HeyItsVadim: I don't know if I can handle this much free speech...
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Lol free speech. Like fuck.
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@DocGrampa @leenan05738343 @ananavarro No, I meant it. She’s a nude semi porn gold digger that did nothing for anyo…
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@BBCNews i remember the rivers of blood speech by Enoch Powell it's all coming true
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Want to work at HealthPro Heritage? We're hiring in Bel Air, MD! Click for details: #HigherCalling #SLPeeps
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@comeinwthrain it's jasmines fault, she's infected my speech manner
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RT @footballitalia: AC Milan became the first Serie A club to sign the Manifesto of non-hostile communication for sport, as clubs comba…
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@wafhoer @ehprill Freedom of speech my love 😐
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RT @BoHines: Most Americans want: Great jobs, free speech, good healthcare, safe streets, quality schools, term limits, and hon…
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RT @eedo_zee: This Ramadan, measure your speech, refine your conduct and turn away from evil. Forget the material world and focus on feeding your nafs.
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RT @CheschireKaat: @keiidakamya creating the dabihawks childhood friends comic from one (1) speech bubble.
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@bella_winter_1 @ggreenwald Free speech has never been "society can't shun you for being a shitty person." It has…
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Legal Assistant Data in Nashville, TN: korean, legal assistant, pi, speech, attorney, immigration
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They just want people to stop criticizing anything from a progressive perspective. That's it. That's what they want…
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RT @seeingxsydni: i understand that we have freedom of speech but some of y’all are not smart enough to have a platform.
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