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RT @JayHulmePoet: Just going to drop this thing I wrote about how transphobes specifically treat trans men:
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RT @ChartsGOT7: ‼️To clarify the confusion: US Ahgases need to start streaming so GOT7 may chart on BB Hot 100. You guys have 24 ho…
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RT @FN_Assist: [THREAD] #FortniteSeason5 v15.00 Map Changes: 🗺️📍 Consider using Creator Code 'FNAssist' to help support us and th…
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The bike @polizeiberlin: the only bike police on earth chasing and targeting specifically cyclists instead of prote…
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@SeymourClearly5 I know folk like you using that word on twitter when you're challenged on anonymity specifically.…
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@TheRealMcQua @JungleJones31 @jamiedupree A little about me: Bachelor's in political science, JD and a masters in d…
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RT @flux_the_system: @MollyJongFast Happy to add another plug for the Jared Kushner episode of Netflix's Dirty Money, highlighting Kushn…
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@Shadowenberg @sookh18 @GazeWithin But the argument is specifically about "Defund the Police".
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Specifically the humming.
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@MlN05_ Your mom couldn’t have since she’s contingent. And no it doesn’t necessarily, but it proves classical the…
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@H_MitchellPhoto Trump will have to be Specifically Name the Person and their Crime He will not do that. Will the Pardons Stand the Test?.
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@theToadking71 Damnn you got covid?? Broo the doctor specifically mentioned biryani when se said nothing spicy i wa…
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@HyperPixieGames Pixie they are specifically teasing you 🤣 My guess is they are gonna release another gameplay trai…
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@BeschlossDC Then why not call them out specifically? Let's start now: "Leaders like Trump, McConnell and other Re…
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I’m learning there is an area in the brain that specifically makes people “fanatics” wether it’s religious or just…
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@SubHouston @themultibeast @_Rian_Stone I absolutely agree on that point, but again, regardless of what it is calle…
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@AHirst01 @bricebeaulac @tb_aidan Specifically, how would repeal of §230 help Aidan here?
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@Alexandra__M Specifically the abominable snowmen.
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@OnJah12345 @troquero509 @billybob77177 @CesarGa11613350 @NBCNews He was not specifically asked by Biden to do that.
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