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RT @wony3_nyame: This Friday Release 🎶 Stonebwoy Asakaa ft Pappy Kojo Yaw Tog And moree Ah so u sure say Sarkodie…
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RT @htlbest: I can hear, I can see so much wider range of Nayeon vocal in new songs of world most perfect album. From deep voice…
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RT @hamsterjooin: 킹초 하다가 충전기 고장난거 같아서 중간에 나가서 충전기 사옴 ㅠ 이런 나의 열정...석지나 이런 날 알아봐주고 나랑 사겨주겠니? 진프 칭긔칭긔들 어비스 투표 같이하쟝…
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RT @RosieHattersley: Staggered I was able to book £20 tkts today for an amazing sounding gig -@ChrissieHynde singing Bob Dylan songs…
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when the bandori hatsune miku collab has more kagamine twins songs than miku songs
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RT @iamFirki: jane tu ya jane na songs 🤮🤮
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@sossgirlsara what are ur top songs from her are it atleast the good ones or the annoying ones
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@boywithIob i guess it’s based off who had the most songs on tth and you listened to them at least once? idek
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RT @jisoosjpgs: a compilation of jisoo effortlessly hitting the hardest note in bps songs live, while dancing to bps hardest choreo…
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RT @MeditarMestizo: What we sing matters, it shapes us. Many Christians NEVER sings songs against oppression or abuse during congrega…
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RT @damnyouwillis: DO people feel God, or do songs at church just have a lot of key changes
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RT @Nandu4PK_VJ: And then came, #Bigil / #Whistle.. It had no promos before release.. Even the telugu songs were released on the mi…
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Imagine making all these songs about killing the opps, only for you to end up... getting killed by the opps. #mo3
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RT @UnkleDell: why do white people be knowing young nudy songs
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Paul was a MADE MAN in Houston before anyone else heard a single verse. I'm literally from the same neighborhood. W…
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RT @shineepromo: [📢] SHAWOLS X EXOLS ♡ StationHead Collab ♡ Shawols! We’re going to have a live streaming party on StationHead wi…
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RT @godmitzu: I love when they put Mina and Sana's parts next to each other in songs, their voices sound so good together
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RT @drakesdemons: jb going viral on tiktok for his songs and vocals whilst that girlies fandom too busy linking her to a de@d relatio…
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RT @SpotifyATEEZ: Fastest @ATEEZofficial's Japanese songs to reach 1M streams on Spotify: #1. Dreamers – 15 days 🆕 #2. Still Here –…
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RT @stephenacademic: Out at midnight! 🕛 Had such a lovely time discussing and dissecting the songs that have soundtracked my life so fa…
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