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@ShattaKumasi Don't say that please.....that song was release before my level by shatta.....but adonai is still trending worldwide now.
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RT @PolySarkcess: Great song #KumiPreko
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RT @dochidoII: from home, i'd say, is probably the most meaningful song for the foreign members. something about being reminded th…
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RT @MixersUnitedOf1: Mixers! 💕 @RBW_MAMAMOO just released their new song “Dingga” on YouTube, go check it out! Watch now:…
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RT @jeonfolders: [INFO] ‘Euphoria’ by Jungkook extends its record as the longest charting solo song by a K-pop idol on Billboard Wor…
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Now Playing on Kiss FM Rock. You Stole the Sun From My Heart by Manic Street Preachers Buy song…
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RT @acefairies: A.C.E singing My love by Westlife!! i love this song so much 🥺♥️ @official_ACE7 #ACE #에이스
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RT @leaderunits: the thing with being a fan of a group like seventeen who has been DYNAMIC ever since, not afraid to try new things…
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RT @BTSVChartData: ‘Inner Child’ has reached a New Peak of #2 on the billboard world digital song sales chart, Its now Taehyung’s highest charting song!
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RT @mygtrivias: ARMY! #6 HOURLY STREAMING PARTY HAS STARTED! In all different streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube,…
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Now Playing! All Cried Out by Alison Moyet Listen Live at Buy this song here :…
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This is such a beautiful song. Istg I'm cried
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@persiantittys Have you listen to the original Dolly version? I literally I am obsessed with it. I feel like most t…
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@JonSavage1966 “Never seen a clock tower before? A lot meaner than the ones in my song and rather more high vis in…
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RT @_ShaunKeyz: 😂😂 Someone thinks she's a celebrity now , just by doing a song with Prince Kaybee .
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RT @Corpse_Husband: Fuck it, I'll drop a lofi song on the music channel in the morning. It's only going to be on there though, not iTun…
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RT @mc_dduk: here to remind you that DINGGA is the song that will be nominated at award shows this year, NOT the title track, so…
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RT @itsLaycon: Please that “SARAFINA DEY SCHOOL” song. Who sang it and what’s the song title? 🙏🏾🙏🏾
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@mipaltan Navratri song by Shreya Ghoshal watch and listen it guys.. Enjoy the festive season With this special son…
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RT @KimKardashian: Make a wish ✨
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