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RT @queenkether: Learn to walk out of abusive marriage. Killing your spouse won't solve the problem. Maryam Sanda sentenced to death…
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RT @thesvrahul: 864000 solid targets a day is what would be required per day, if experiments run for 24 hrs in an intense laser pet…
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RT @Aannaa_bell: #غداروں_کو_لٹکاؤ He assured the people that the armed forces were working tirelessly to solve their problems.
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@TGIFridays @daisyjuggalot Yeah I'm sure Jess will solve everything lol
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@riimama1983 @solve_dream ファルコン、バカ殿のネタでしか見たことない笑
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RT @OlaySkin: Every tweet equals $1 to @GirlsWhoCode, an organization that teaches girls how to solve problems, build community,…
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@IntrepidSaffron Hindu girls agar unka chusna band kar de toh hamari Adhi problem solve hojay
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@GurepyonArt I have many fav artists and I constantly find new ones... A list doesn't solve my problem. 😐
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Want to know how to solve the divorce problem by #astrology? Astrologer N.K Shastri is known to be one of the best…
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@AdvoBarryRoux Arg men cheat a lot and if any woman says her man is not cheating that is because he is good at hidi…
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@ryanwozphx @kevinklink Ah, yes. Mathematicians can solve this, just like engineers have. Does either field include…
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RT @HFiskJohnson: As a scientist & CEO, I believe we must work together to solve important issues like plastic pollution, deforestati…
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RT @bryanandcandy: Solve Puzzle 2 and take surprising gift from #BryanAndCandy. 1. Follow @bryanandcandycupid on Instagram and…
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“The biggest mistake I see new programmers make is focusing on learning syntax instead of learning how to solve problems.” — V. Anton Spraul
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RT @_FullyBooked: In the sequel to One of Us Is Lying, there are a ton of copycat gossip apps to try and fill the gossip vacuum. The…
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and they work with likes of trump and putin that’s why bc i can’t fathom believe that u can use satellite images an…
457 followers     just, is     Reply Retweet Favorite Paul outlines, they'd rather argue for ever increasing surveillance to solve whatever menace they can conjure…
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@OkporEmeka This is simple na.. i can solve it. dm me while I dm my account number to you
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