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RT @brosandprose: - Graduated high school - Got into my dream college - Contracted herpes - Somehow spun herpes into a career as a se…
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RT @viridiana_39: Qué hacemos con la gente que viene acá a tuitear conciencia social pero todas las noches duerme con le enemigue?
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RT @evoespueblo: Pido a organismos internacionales como la #ONU, países amigos de Europa e instituciones como la Iglesia Católica re…
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RT @Mugen_Rao_Offl: This tag is lit 🔥🔥🔥 Indeed Thalapathy is the Social Media King without any second thoughts. #ForeverSocialMediaKingVIJAY
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RT @AppelLuciano: Supermercado no Chile. A esquerda prega justiça social, dizem-se progressistas mas o que fazem é isso, caos, destr…
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#Raiders Social Media Review: Week 10
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RT @JotaMSilvaA: Es que yo creo q muchos no acaban de entender lo que ocurre en Catalunya. Es un ataque en toda regla contra la inte…
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Tener un millón de libros gratis durante tres meses es posible: así puedes activar el sueño de cualquier amante de…
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RT @kaspblock: posting the only decent picture i have on all my social medias
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RT @soulsearcher216: サー・ロッド・スチュワート、秘密の趣味、鉄道ジオラマ26年かけて作り上げたものを初公開。ロスの自宅に完成し、徹底的に細部にこだわった。写真多数の記事→
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RT @kahoiwaii: tbh fuck social media. however ya'll post funny ass videos so i can't delete any.
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RT @kaspblock: posting the only decent picture i have on all my social medias
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RT @Cuervomick: Felicidades @lopezobrador_ por 66 años de fracasos. Fracasaste como "luchador social" Fracasaste como priista Frac…
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@lovecat00dog1 キャンペーンへのご参加ありがとうございます🌟 気になる結果は... ごめんなさい、ハズレです😥💦 でも諦めないで!!チャンスはまだあります🔥 マイマガアプリ内でもキャンペーン実施中‼︎ ▽詳しく…
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RT @HeyAraay: Social media making y’all insecure in relationships .. and that’s sad 🥴
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GIF Showcasing - 3 key Reasons to add Social Media Links to your Website which are Being Visible, Link Building and…
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'People are always going to target you' - Thierry Henry backs Nicolas Pepe after tough Arsenal start YOUR Soccer So…
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@swaggymeag @dullboyscott Social constructs can change,correct. However biological constructs cannot. If one is bor…
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These are social media metrics that actually matter 👊
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