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RT @rahulroushan: So many schools and hospitals
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RT @yewascheoled: Hello po! I am an incoming grade 12 student po and I need funds para po sana magpakabit ng wifi and makabili ng kah…
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RT @PressATIN: "Kuya." His sister had always grounded him, pleaded with him and patiently kept him sane, but whenever Paulo thumb…
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RT @charts_k: "Learn! Korean with BTS" will be released as a learning book made by education experts on Aug 24 (Weverse) It come…
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RT @ZakesBantwiniSA: They've instilled so much fear in Africans and convinced them that they can't do anything for themselves by themselves.💔
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RT @malaysiandude: I love you so much that even when you hurt me, i tried to understand you.
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RT @sev_renan: Tava me segurando e soltei tudo isso pra esses 4 que sem dúvidas são os 4 jogadores desse elenco atual que mais est…
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RT @EHA_Props: Halo Twitter be like: Fans: "THE GRAPHICS SUCK. HOW CAN THE GAME LOOK THIS BAD SO CLOSE TO LAUNCH?" 343i: "OK, we'…
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RT @__oneinaMILLY: I be wanting people to forget about me so bad😂😂😂😭😩 just act like I’m dead & leave me alone pls!
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You're so stupid if you think I haven't missed you
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@minzlicht I do disagree that we need abrasive people to help broach topics (e.g., White Fragility.) There have bee…
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RT @byeoldream: [200813] JAEMIN UPDATE “our cute pudori??!!also wished me a happy birthday oh my god so cute😘 thank you pudori🤗”…
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RT @lemdraws: hi im alive and i drew a short silly dbz comic called 'The Box' so plz give it a read if you like and i hope yall h…
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Feedback 😂😂 hes so cute
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RT @BIGBANG5KING: Funny how these K-pop Stans esp people with tiny 7 think that's calling us vips n BIGBANG a "hags" will offend us?…
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Okay, it's related to Angel with the mask peeps. You know the first war in heaven where Lucifer waged war with God…
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God the blu and exile album is so good
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RT @tanzeemorg: The grandstanding and posturing of the US and the puppet Afghan regime is absurd. They say that the Afghan Taliban…
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@DevillePonsonby @Nigel_Farage Yes! Talk to them and find out why they think France is so bad? Is it the food? Acco…
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