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We take ages to sign players. On the contrary, our rivals are getting deals done in a snap.
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RT @kkc_romainn: J’ai vu snap ça bug mon premier réflexe ça a été de venir ici.. c’est grave
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@HabsChronicle I mean, I’ve seen two habs penalties where the knights player is straight arm barring the stick, if…
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قاصر صغيره اشرمطها فويس واعلمها قلة الادب وتصير ممحىونه داديً ً snap : imdaddy_a #معصيتي_راحتي
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RT @iamquackity4k: imagine ur at target and you see quackity coming towards you. you try to take a picture of him but he notices you.…
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Ya'll Spencer's has this super cute Inuyasha Sit Boy! snap back hat! It's only in select stores! #Spencers…
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@ahnnbbb Aduh aku dua bulan dh tak bukak snap korg hantar ni
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RT @michellemmanese: so happy watching ig stories of frens and mutuals bc i dont have the energy for a conversation but im still excited…
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RT @ashhhwilly: Oh tak lupa juga, camera tak cecah 5mp, nak snap gambar homework nak submit ke cikgu pun haram apa tak boleh nak ba…
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@Jess71279145 can i have your snap?? 🥺🥺
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Ok if this account gets Suspended, I want you all to know that it will be impossible to come back! Soo just add my…
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RT @mariohinojosa74: Snap trippin or just mine ?
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“I don’t wanna be too graphic, but I want him to cum in my throat, snap my neck, and hide my body.” #UNHhhh
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les gars qui demandent des snap video où l’on raconte nos vies c’est les meilleurs
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RT @actively_aria: This kid on my snap said “free my bro” and his bond was 250, bro go get him
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راقيه ومحترمه ومحتاجه شخص يفهم مشاعرك وشهوتك ويعطيك جوك وأكثر رر تعالي بكل سريه وهدوء سناب أو خاص، snap : binsaleh1…
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RT @ashhhwilly: Oh tak lupa juga, camera tak cecah 5mp, nak snap gambar homework nak submit ke cikgu pun haram apa tak boleh nak ba…
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This girl added me on snap from my friends story. Turns out shes a friend of his.I was like “ ok maybe she has some…
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@stickheadssouth I think NHL level guys now would snap sticks at the same rate. Shea Weber’s slap shot is breaking…
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RT @ParshatiPatel: Thank you @GirlsInScience for asking me to share a beginner’s guide to astrophotography! Nowadays even cellphones c…
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