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RT @proudhindu2400: General Bajwa was shaking in his boots when @SMQureshiPTI told him that India will blow pakistan to smithereens if…
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.@girlscouts do you have any cookies that are shaped like civil rights so amy coney barrett can smash them into smi…
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Cause I'm lost and I need bleeding Tear a paper into smithereens No prose or poem will do you truth. 🎶
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Gon blow yo shit to smithereens 😭 but you gotta spray a 300 shot on a bone stock car 😔😕
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Numbness is all over me except my heart which is barely safe. When my heart falls, you will lose me for ever. And w…
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Don't give them a chance. Make sure your ballot's there by next Tuesday and blow this whole fucking party to smith…
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c un mix de prométhée pr le mythe et smithereens pr la chanson
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@TillmanWeather Power is gone. Transformer blew to smithereens. Yes sir I will. Messaging her now.
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@ecoastclique My blood, jumpsuit, neon gravestones, legend, nico and the niners and smithereens
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Nets gonna beat the smithereens out of the Knicks like 5 times in 2 week
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explain to me how whiplash’s entire pelvis and legs aren’t smashed to smithereens after MULTIPLE RAMS AGAINST THE B…
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Call me that again and I'll blow this earth to smithereens.
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RT @goddamnhunter: Gotta feel for Nagelsmann in his phony three-piece suit showing up at Trafford like he's auditioning to be the circ…
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So this is the #Leipzig team that was supposed to blast us into smithereens? 🤣😝😂😆 #Ole be like... #MUNLEI
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Gotta feel for Nagelsmann in his phony three-piece suit showing up at Trafford like he's auditioning to be the circ…
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RT @1JeiceLaurent: Kyle Kuzma didn’t know numerology was real til Kobe died. Now he beating the magic outta that got damn 24 / 8 to smithereens
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Bashing a practice dummy to smithereens will not improve my opinion of you.
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@Hlathi_123 Hmmm McTominay comes on and United blow the opposition to smithereens 😌 If I speak 😌
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@AGHAVNI30875097 @gyulsumm @arcrunmod Here’s ... Watch how your “superterrorists” skedaddle🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️.They’re fast…
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Nagelsmen with pure hipster tactics. Ole added another forward and picked him off. What a performance, uBUMecano torn to smithereens
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