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@cuervotips oo, riyan lang din ako nag-eedit kapag may slow mo e 😞😭😞😭😞😭😞😭
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RT @TamithaSkov: This ongoing #solarstorm will continue to bring weak, sporadic #aurora shows down to central latitudes in Canada, b…
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@sweetener_bear Yeah I'm slow today,, uploading
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May the Coffee be with you! Para começar MUITO BEM a semana laboral Timor Pure Origin, V60 drioper, slow pour…
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@gzerok11 @iaan51 @GFXLuccas @RiotGamesBrasil @CBLOL mas tinha slow mode ue kkkkk, a "copypasta" do hey 4Head só po…
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RT @pratik_sehajpal: BB_08 Salman to Gautam: Chila kr mat baat kiya kr.. diction clear ni tera... Gautam improved n won the show. BB_1…
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RT @compoundchem: This week is #NationalChemistryWeek in the US, with the theme "Fast or Slow... Chemistry Makes It Go!" – so here's…
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@Womble101 I feel like all three have a place in today’s game. Less ref, more play… apart from the dummy - that’d i…
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RT @tuxwana: Rental assistance is being slow and you can bet the landlord isn’t super happy. If I’d like them off my neck I woul…
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RT @nationaltrust: It’s tempting to slow down when the days shorten. Exercise in nature and a good dose of sunshine are key to keeping…
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@kushaldas Also build a vacumizable robotic library to place and retrieve the books, that way you can slow the aging of the books.
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RT @Mariacristine81: Klaz Slow Juicer Horizontal Lihat deal ini!:
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RT @AGB58341973: The @BBC described the famine conditions in #Tigray as “levels rarely seen in modern times” & compares it to the 20…
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Apologies for the slow week everyone, I have been beset by the twin beasts of irl responsibilities and schoolwork,…
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belajar pas hujan, ditemeni camilan, dengerin lagu slow, dang like ittttttttt 😼💘
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๑ wtb lfs 💫 ꒰#fialuvwish꒱ ~ slow collector ⤷ ranking = left to right ; top to bottom (d:d pc r my prios) ⤷ pref 2…
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@Avgat_ @jay1223417 @cricketaakash Yeah maybe ambani pays Gay-L to play slow innings and lose
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The Chinese economy saw growth slow to 4.9 per cent in the third quarter
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