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@TheOnlySeanFord Hate to break it too you hot stuff, but even at 50 I still jerk off 5+ times a day and that is a s…
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RT @MedscapeNeuro: Cardio workouts slow hippocampus atrophy and improves memory in some older patients at high risk for #Alzheimers. S…
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#BreakingDawn1 (2011) 3/4 review excerpt But no matter what you make of #BreakingDawn — and if you adamantly hate a…
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RT @metchi8: last semester, I was raped by Kentrell Moore who is a senior at Clark Atlanta University. I have contacted title IX…
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RT @easygeography: Amazing slow motion of how a wave approached the shore and then breaks as it comes in contact with the bottom…
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@TheUFCStats For real tho, Adesanya’s to smart of a striker to engage with Costa. He’s probably keep a distance and…
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@MSawarenessIndy Yes I can relate,I'm slow at speaking if I've got something long to say,or answering a question,or…
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this is not the girl i thought i was becoming cause for the last three years i moved so slow i moved like molasses and called it running
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Patience is a virtue. Due process is slow but trust her, she's got this! #NancyPelosi #MadamSpeaker
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god forbid i want one god damn weekend to go by slow
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RT @therealfieldz: Yall will do this then walk outside slow asl, like yeen happy
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RT @rando__: It may not look that good aesthetically but my attempt at using a slow cooker has gone brilliantly, tastes amazing…
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@dominosquads so it's a slow death for all of us..
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@paxful Still slow to reply my mail cause I already did email
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RT @hiphopradiopt: Slow J - Também Sonhar ft. Sara Tavares
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So your Answer is PR article from a Sold out Journalist Slow claps India is Fastest Declining Economy, manufactur…
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Slow die Oh gog jegus
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About to head to work, the video isn't fully uploaded so the new video will come out tomorrow. Might wanna check in…
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@CKouf @DezBryant He was slow in Dallas, he’ll be even slower now
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@abuxunai Right the fanbase is pretty toxic not to mention the Anime has very slow pacing too
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