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Melted spicey cheese slices on fishfinger soft bread rolls. Thank me later
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@JoeyaLowe Just in slices, probably 1/2-1 inch or so. You end up with nice spirals of turkey and stuffing!
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Cut really thin slices of lemon and put it under the skin with the rest of the spices and seasoning. Was worried it…
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RT @ragdollia: Tengo 6 slices de cada uno disponibles para retirar HOY en El Dorado. FLASH SALE SOLO HOY. Descuentito en el loaf s…
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My parents just poured a bit of gravy and a few slices of turkey on Molly's food. Guess we all get a bit of turkey in this house
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It’s the random canned slices of jam 😭
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@koshurathii @loony_momo you spend too much time fighting random dipshits, chill out, look at me I post cheese slices to pass time
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RT @sneaky_big: We hope all your slices of 🥧 are SNEAKY BIG-sized this holiday week! #HappyThanksgiving from the entire crew. 🦃
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Very lucky indeed. He's giving him a grin as he sits down, dividing up a good amount of food and nudging Inkys shar…
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@C_Rich75 Potato salad should not include pineapple or orange slices as a ingredient
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RT @auburnjammusic: This was SUCH a good day in the studio! Super excited for more slices of avo show in our lives.
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@edinspotlight My sister brought me one of their ‘all fruit and cream, slices of wafer thin sponge, feeds 16’ birt…
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RT @JoyToThePolls: On a day when so many are home during a pandemic, many prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, #ElectionDefenders brought…
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"Did you leave room for pie?" No, hell no, I did not and I'm going to need you to give me two slices - I'm going to overdose on pumpkin
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@duchessgoldblat Well. Jamison cranberry mincemeat pie does improve with a rest. But how does one know if it’s suff…
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RT @notbenfish: if you go to a shitty cafe in slovakia and ask for a “sandwich au amerikanje” they’ll either give you this or ketch…
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Scott was surprised that I even cut my pumpkin pie into slices
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Sitting here eating rolls, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, tofurkey slices & mulled wine. All the dishes are done…
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just ate four slices of banana bread
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@tarynpivots Idea: Thin slices of wood with your brand stamped on them.
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