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Crow sits back and grabs some popcorn
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I'll just be listening to traitor and thinking damn fuck this guy while my loving boyfriend sits next me quietly pl…
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@BlackCreativeHG A Yellow Heart sits against a Black Background, framed by Purple Circles in the upper right and lo…
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@AwakenedOf This virus has a genius brain. It knows who to attack in a concert, or walking their dog. Who sits on a…
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RT @patchesalt: i think it’s really cute when he sits like this
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@dsdirtyboots "Well I Erm." He sits by you "Like you
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RT @patchesalt: i think it’s really cute when he sits like this
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@patinmadison 80 yards per game sits u at 4th in ypg for a rb according to last year.. that means 28 other teams ha…
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RT @CueSibiya: BOARD APPOINTMENT Mamokete Ramathe has been appointed to serve as a Board Member of JSE-listed company, Master Dr…
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Memory sits in her attic sorting trinkets left in dusty boxes. The gilded paint of a once-loved treasure, now c…
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@acewhowriteporn Growls make the alpha's cock bob. They sit back on heels & palms, knees bent wide and presenting.…
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@B43Franco It was planned by globalists. They don’t need anymore since a senile neocon sits at WH.
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@BasLucifer @DeltaHarville Sage sits down obediently “a new host maybe. This humans body isn’t very good. She’s str…
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@BBCPolitics The British are too polite to do much about restrictions of liberties. One sits in front of the TV, mo…
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RT @Eliclarkhell: No but gertrude and elis life must have been funny as fuck Gertrude tilling the fields while eli idk sits down and…
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In hopes you're on the other side talking to me, too Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon? 🌘
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occasionally a talk show with a bald american white man in a polo shirt comes across my youtube recommended but eve…
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RT @NinaPinabudhabi: The young local lady who sits opposite me in the office is having a snooze at her desk. And she’s snoring. It’s 2.30pm.
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@jaettoki exactly daisuke just sits there glaring while haru will just straight up intervene
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