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RT @bretmanrock: That one scene in Icredibles 2 where Edna Mode had to babysit Jack Jack ❤️✨ basically describes me baby sitting my…
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So so sad to hear that this beautiful kind soul that was @crookallchris has passed away 😔 I had the honour of shari…
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@Sister_Alia keep your demon scribbles and babble from me
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@Adeelkhan2953 For them women means sex, whether she is his mother or sister .
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RT @FUSiiZAA: [ENG TRANS] Suggested word on keyboard L>R Phi (older brother, sister) Yes No #คริสสิงโต #ทีมพีรญา — Hahahah…
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RT @EmeraldOutlaw: My little sister and her son have been missing since Monday, they are believed to have boarded a ferry from Dublin…
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tapos everytime na may iaask sister ko sa father namin about accounting, she brings with her a cross para di ma high blood si papa 😂
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i pray my little sister as the strength to go through this hard time💔
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@FennekinXY 😚this is different because i’m not trying to “fix” them! I just wanted to draw them to look more like me and my sister💗😝😊
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My mom and cousin Barbara were the last 2 of my grandmother and her sister, my great aunt. (Yes, I have my uncle,…
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RT @bretmanrock: That one scene in Icredibles 2 where Edna Mode had to babysit Jack Jack ❤️✨ basically describes me baby sitting my…
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Good morning sister!!
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Tell me something about yourself that sounds like a lie I crashed my car into a river, with my mother, sister and…
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@MaraJade_Sith This big ol' fireman can't stand to look at someone getting a needle, not myself, not even someone o…
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RT @bretmanrock: I think it’s funny that my sister thinks her kids are hers..... not bitch they are my kids.
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RT @JAPAMAN01: You claim to be a Wizkid stan,but you will still see this "Made In Lagos" album link and not like or retweet it. My…
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RT @UrbanRangoli: He @thakkar_sameet always treated me like his kid sister. Always made me feel comfortable. He is one of few big TLs…
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