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RT @gmanetwork: The fiercest singing competition is back! The battle begins tonight on #GMATheFirstClash.
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RT @robbersrosie: chaelisa duet.. chaeng playing the keyboard.. lisa’s vocals.. chaelisa wearing berets.. chaelisa dancing together..…
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RT @sumonseng: See how the students of #JadavpurUniversity walked on the streets of #Kolkata singing songs & to say #NoToNRC . Def…
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RT @JLsubunit: I'm really grateful to Rosé. Thank you for believing Lisa's singing potential. This woman really needs to know how…
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RT @DumaFMRadio: YO O DITHETSENYANA | SATURDAY 14h00-16h00 Pearl Ebineng profiles the singer and song writer Brian Rasesa. He is fa…
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RT @Cory__1077: WOW, He’s singing my favourite song.... Sound On 😂😂😂😂
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RT @GMATheClash: #GMATheClash: The fiercest singing competition is back! The battle begins tonight on #GMATheFirstClash
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RT @LionelMedia: A day off from school. The chance to hold hands and skip through the streets singing in unison wishes and thoughts…
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RT @LayedBakDFR: This lady behind me in the smoothie shop, singing her ass off to the Maxwell coming threw over the speakers, while…
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RT @NEWSJENNlE: [VIDEO] 190921 BLACKPINK Private Stage | Jennie special solo singing The Best Part by Daniel Caesar #BLACKPINK …
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RT @enjoyGLOBE: Appreciation post for the vocal king who’s celebrating his birthday today! 💙 #VocalKingChenDay While waiting for D…
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RT @LizAlberio: Oh Right.. We'll sure will gonna hear IU this December singing a Pilipino song and Malaysian song. 😊😊 Your heart be ready. 😀😀😁
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RT @KapusongKim: And it’s back! The country’s all-original singing competition.. The Clash: Isa laban sa lahat! New batch of aspir…
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@drunkenrandom people be sleeping on that song. toni was singing her ass off.
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RT @GMATheClash: #GMATheClash: The fiercest singing competition is back! The battle begins tonight on #GMATheFirstClash
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@moniescheeks Philip's smile widen as the crowd started singing. He glanced at Bella before glancing to Inara. He w…
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RT @soukokugay: i fucking love these nonbinary icons singing fucking bullshit. pls this is the best song ever
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RT @fitnessinmind: Once he will send a message to the rest. At some point someone will start singing. Then the whole house…
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RT @lisatakeme: istg... Blinks didn't expect Lisa's entrance... The way blinks got wow when Lisa appear in stage and started singin…
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