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@MANARABI_48N やったあああ!仲良くする🌷
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@onmoonchild @Littlerainbowst @btsgenres idk they were forced to see each other everyday for 5 years. Forced to sin…
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RT @Dodit_Mulyanto: Sebuah utas, kisah nyata keluarga saya. Yang masih membekas sampai sekarang, kalo tembus 5K rt atau like aku lanjut…
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RT @KTHCELlNE: Unpopular opinion: TXT is Amazing. Their music is attracting. They are not hyped up because they're BTS juniors but…
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I just love this duet 🥺 My changhyuk babies sing very well 🥺 Btw changkyun’s confidence to sing these days really m…
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RT @MichelleObama: Bill Withers made the sort of music that you couldn’t help but sing along to—from “Lean on Me” to “Lovely Day,” he…
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So, with government guidelines, can someone who's secretly in love with you come and sing up to your bedroom window…
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@ribetnfiantoro Sing penting wani dadi sobat mandiri kui wes wangun wkwk
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RT @wenshyun: the ig live in which yeri kept nagging wendy to remove the dust on her cap, joy's combination of heart emojis and b…
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RT @azba95: Shoutout to people who loves to sing but can't sing.
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RT @miracleofsound: While other celebrities sing useless feckin shite into their phones, Jon Bon Jovi is out there washing dishes in ho…
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All i want is for minhyuk to sing Me after You by Paul Kim and I'll stop bugging him
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RT @azba95: Shoutout to people who loves to sing but can't sing.
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RT @_VXDER: if u my bitch im a sing to u .. idc wtf i sound like bitch im the weeknd tonight
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@BJOOHYUNINe AWOKWOWKWOK granm ayo nyanyi im just an insect who can sing and here's my favorite song LA DA DA DEE DA LA DEE DA LA DEE DA
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RT @no_name22: OK.. So I don't dance.. But I sing. So.. Hopefully.. @sorafirstlove #StayHomeChallengeWithTaehyung #집콕챌린지 @BTS_twt
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@CHIRI_72_0 그냥 대놓구 답이 있어요 ....
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Five years ago, I wrote a song called "Guerilla Struggle Diary" inspired by a letter written by Che Guevara to chil…
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RT @KyuhyunFacts: Kyuhyun as professor giving lesson: First is about singing - analyzing lyrics so that you can sing it with the suit…
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RT @picsofirene: clear the searches irene sing irene singer irene singing irene special irene smile irene success irene sweet ire…
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