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@S_Bareerah I have a similar sweet tooth to Big Mam but I'm fine sharing my donuts with Katakuri. But only because I like him!
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@blossomedchaos ⠀⠀ I am but lemme practise first because I'm to similar with Xbox controls 🤠
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@jnheo Dr Heo -- Really well-written paper! Congrats on the publication! Any chance you could share the processed d…
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@AskeRude @Papanomalyxd Hmmm very similar to the coolest mousepad to ever exist🤔🤔
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RT @papermagazine: "The #Grammys have historically shown a similar lack of acknowledgement and care for the Black community in genres…
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@nablusiya I remember how y'all muzlim bints attacked a muslim brother who made a similar but anonymous confession…
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RT @rcas1: En Sep 2020 el nivel de actividad todavía está -7,0% por debajo de Febrero de 2020, previo a la cuarentena y con ni…
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RT @MelRam_01: @Jackhangu Season 2 of 2gether New series as BW couple BW Movie Season 2 or something similar to BWInbox 🙏🙏🙏
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@havnofear Ion know man they both put up similar stats this year . But this season coming up decides who team it is fr
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I'd say we've similar numbers in Ireland
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@cayetanaAT ¿Porqué motivo cree usted, Señora Marquesa, que los funcionarios citados deberían cobrar mas en Cataluñ…
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@alphinaudsgf !!! this is an excellent concept; anon is so wise 😌 i've seen an art of him after a rly intense battl…
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Does anyone know any artist similar to mitski??
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@vuwildcat07 @NFL @ESPNNFL Idk a lot of data out there shows people are covering much quicker from these than 10+ y…
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@VectorToHeavens A lo que has dicho añadiria que aunque me guste el diseño de personajes (chicos especialmente) me…
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RT @Rocigaot: Bueno, ahora que hemos echado unas risas con la campaña de "vas a matar a la yaya por irte de copas", igual podíamo…
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@TwitchyByte @Q_Review I kept thinking about this, too. I *almost* hope it has a similar style, but I'm sure it'll…
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RT @AdamSerwer: I hope people who should have known better then, understand now that Giuliani succeeding Dinkins was an outcome of…
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RT @TheHerd: Are the Eagles and Ravens going through similar situations with Carson Wentz & Lamar Jackson? @ColinCowherd: You k…
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