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Full moon in Gemini. How we doin' geminis and air signs? Me, I'm not good. Lol.
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RT @DeafBooks: It's that Advent Calendar time of year again. Available now as a free download #BSL Christmas signs bundle from…
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RT @TheGoodLiars: “Not Wanted: Ivanka Trump” signs are up in New York
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🌙⛔Southminster Rd #Asheldham will be closed overnight from 7 Dec for approx 2 weeks Mon-Fri between 8pm-5am while o…
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RT @PranjalAsha: because Samir Soni taught me how to remember everyone's zodiac signs
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RT @Allure_magazine: In this exclusive interview, each member of the rising group The Boyz shares just how closely their personalities a…
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National Building signs MoU to fully acquire Ajeej Steel for SAR 180 mln
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RT @FirstDoctorMD: 10 EARLY SIGNS OF PREGNANCY YOU SHOULD KNOW - Part 1 1. Missing your period 2. Food/smell cravings 3. Mood changes…
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RT @DCnumerology: Zodiac signs that are the most intelligent. -Capricorn -Gemini -Virgo -Scorpio -Aries
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RT @vanguardngrnews: Investor expresses interest in Nigeria’s Gold industry, signs agreement with FG
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@edwest I always knew how important regionalism was to the Italian identity but those signs opened my eyes to the extent of it.
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RT @saturnsgold: @OracularJake I think also these fire signs don’t get credited for their emotional intelligence. Intellectual knowl…
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RT @ItWasAlwayssLou: 🚨I ATTENTION! Our favorite boy is missing! Help us locate him Name: Lou Height: smol bean Age: 28 but mentally 15 S…
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RT @Cocoahontas1: @taylorcrumpton @Atwitisborn Why did every person get cursed out for the action of one person? Why was twerk music…
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RT @EyeAmDivine14: There will be a Full Moon 🌕 in Gemini ♊️ on November 30th with a penumbral eclipse. The zodiac signs Sagittarius ♐️…
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RT @B_Strawbridge: Question for anyone who sells #bird food... Are there signs in your shop telling folk how important it is to keep…
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@wangbebu Sa libing kayu galing? Siguro shake it off mag alay nalang kayo ng something or mag bigay ng bigas sa les…
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@ck_raghavan @KhalDrogoGooner Not yet, but signs
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Poultry flock owners should remain vigilant for any signs of disease in their flocks, maintain strict biosecurity m…
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