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To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.사랑하고 사랑 받는 것은 양 쪽에서 태양을 느끼는 것이다.
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as someone whos on multiple sides of the diaspora this thread really warms my heart :(
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RT @ChinaDaily: WOW! A girl in a red dress performed a famous Chinese song "Surrounded on all Sides" on a Zheng with her skillful f…
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RT @BB15LiveFeed1: #RashmiDesai & #Devoleena disscusing the same issue, both are on opposite sides, the most funny part of this is tha…
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@DPJHodges The hysteria on both sides is really depressing, common sense in short supply.
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RT @D12: You've been right by our sides@through it all. Still showing love and support. You are a part of us. Include IAMD12…
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@lex_svs @jhilikeye Nah fr. The side by sides had me like oop she got a point
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@SkySports @Carra23 This is exactly what I like to see on TV. Passion, not people trying to be nice to all sides, k…
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#Iran wants sanctions imposed since 2017 lifted, #USA wants to see Iran comply with the nuclear deal/JCPOA. Lot’s o…
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@Agent_Snark Whoever reported them i hope your pillow is cold o both sides
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@ONashrah A triangle has three sides depicting three different stories. And triangle aren't always equilateral, they can be isosceles too
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RT @sfchronicle: “There’s not a great source (of shoplifting data)”: While both sides have plenty of anecdotes and reasonable-soundi…
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Logan getting blindsided from all sides and he still remains untouched.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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It looks like the Vshojo drama thing has ended, and I'm glad it did, since I don't really want to pick sides, and h…
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The match is at such a stage where both sides could do with a character like Rishabh Pant. For reference: Latham…
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RT @ForgotBeauty: @Neopseudo LNP On both sides of vaccine debate. Pushing Religious discrimination bill Anti troll bill Not public…
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RT @bitchhourss: cranboo loved and loved and loved because he knew what it was to hate yourself so deeply, he loved and loved and lo…
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@Independent_ie Why is that? Good to have a debate from both sides no? When I tell people in the US etc about our v…
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RT @ShaunThomson_: Why am I sat here contemplating if I should spend £450 to travel from Scotland to England (800 mile trip) just to m…
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