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I’m so sick of white cis gay men not accepting their privilege of being at the forefront currently of the LGBTQ+ co…
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RT @smartpunk: What an excellent mail day 😇😇😇. This @tothefrontdiy zine is SO sick!!!
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RT @Regan0002112: I hate posting this every day, and you all should be sick of seeing it!!.. DON'T FORGET THE RUSSIAN BOUNTIES ON OUR…
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RT @BGPolitics: Kentucky has the nation's highest rate of grandparents or other relatives raising children, at 9 percent. "I’d open…
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RT @LaraCrabb: This makes me sick to the pit of my stomach Of all the emotions I’ve felt surrounding this repugnant period, this…
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RT @myunclesmemes: You are not 'both vegans', your pet that needs meat is sick, and you're a jerk.
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RT @TrumpRulzz: Has anyone heard if Biden or Harris condemned the "peaceful protesters" who ransacked the Ronald McDonald house & TERRIFIED sick children?🙄
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RT @zunguzungu: I wish the discourse on why America got steamrolled by this virus was a little less "people going out and having fu…
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RT @zkarlinn: He can’t even visit his sick brother without making it about himself.
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Y’all, I’m sooooooooooooooooo hurt. 💔 Cici, @the6figurechick , was an amazing business leader. She served our comm…
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I don’t ask for much, but keep my girl in your thoughts today. Poor dog is sick and needs a Dr’s visit
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RT @_ayadh: SICK and DISGUSTING beyond measure 🤢 #Beirut  #MosheFeiglin you can’t say that you praise god and make such a sicke…
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@DontPlayMeBruh @metaphormessiah nahh, old eminem was a lot better. what he does now is cool but old eminem was ver…
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@MarkHutch1965 @BlowersFind @abbydphillip @betsy_klein Go to your local hospital. Take a look for yourself. Because…
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RT @Swiftie01: Clearly you haven’t even bothered to read Ontario’s plan, the Sick Kids doctor’s report it was based on nor anythin…
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RT @Nathan67976888: Wanted to redraw that one scene from Sadists animatic because its sick. So here's Eret, just cause.…
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@souk9ku De pequeño si, ahora ya no
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RT @Lukewearechange: who the hell see's a children's hospital and decides to try to destroy it with the children inside? wtf is wrong w…
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RT @KarinaKaminski: Yes it's completely sick.
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