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RT @EssexPR: I’m supporting #usforthem . I’ve said from the start, kids should NOT be forced to wear masks, especially in school…
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I should've said vibing in hell but i know peace
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RT @munirawilson: Wow. It takes quite some front to suggest nurses should be grateful for their 1% pay rise insult because others got…
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RT @joelymack: People born into wealth, who’ve never had to do without, who wouldn’t know what ‘skint’ meant if it stripped naked…
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@AliceB01973554 I’ve honestly never really liked the girl, came across as false to me on many occasions. However,…
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@nat_com1 @KatyMontgomerie @Fox_Claire I've never had them tested. Why should I?
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@Gucciano17 @SkySportsNews Should’ve gone to Specsavers
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@MeruSensei He should get compensated in a way... His dashattack should've already been stronger from the start. M…
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RT @bimbolaa_xx: Girl if you needed my throwback you should’ve just asked me, cause I ain’t look like that in Nigeria
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RT @thollandswt: #wandavision people should’ve gotten the message from ep 8: IT’S 👏🏾 ALL 👏🏾 ABT WANDA 👏🏾 AND 👏🏾 HER 👏🏾 GRIEF... if p…
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RT @DillonAncheta: y’all know how ANNOYINGLY FRUSTRATING this is. I’ve ranted about Oahu’s housing market before and will continue to…
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RT @Kwesi_Picasso: Storms should’ve been on twitter to hype the #SoreRemix all up... would give it more mileage out there
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@gameoldgirl Yes, that looks right - but you've got an extra zero in the TAT number: should be £37,000m. Which is s…
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RT @LamarrDoug10: Arsenal really should’ve got Ancelotti as manager and let this fraud Arteta go Everton kmt
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RT @sexydjbabylynn: Come and get your urgent lunch money. Tell me 1 football player you know. U should add #BetBigaWinBiga to your repl…
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@firbinhoo He’s dropped 3 projects. That’s his source of income. There’s no shows etc. He has lawyer fees etc. I th…
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RT @iammarcpi: This is what Lola should've looked like I will not take any comments.
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You say, “For as long as I’ve been conscious.” But this is not true. Rather, you should say, “For as long as I have…
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RT @SageGokuUzumaki: @gyarugarou They should make more toys of them with there masks half broken I think the only one we've ever gotten…
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