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RT @_artsynic: i wanna ruin our friendship (we should be lovers instead)❣️ #原神 #GenshinImpact #beiguang
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RT @Varsha_Speaking: Bigg Boss should hype Tejasswi voice. Many times other contestants are asked to sing Like Bichukle? Why can't let…
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RT @shiptothesky: I just realised, I don't want TP, SS, or PS in top 2. I don't want to see them on stage along with KK. KK should b…
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RT @Umar67521932: No matter how much a friend has upset you, you should talk to them and sort things out, life is too short to be ang…
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RT @RohanDe11266991: #JusticeForArmyStudents Jai Hind my honorable officers, Why are you all playing with the youth, you should fix the…
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RT @iadoredezzie: I just feel like piercings should not go over $50
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RT @tejasswi__feeds: Girls should never be afraid to be smart. VIJAYI BHAVA TEJASSWI
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RT @FredTJoseph: Confederate flags being flown in Canada to protest mandates. No one should ever assume that the United States has a…
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RT @marineravin: Only difference is CPI and CPM money is what they receive from their cadres and not from corporates. You should kno…
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RT @Sushantify: World should learn from Indian agencies, how a Múrder case is converted into a simple Drúgs case. PMO HOLD CBI ANSWERABLE 4 SSR
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RT @TeamUmar_FC: Use word like ' BADSHAH ' ' BOSS ' or ' CHAMP in your tweets. They should be in the trending list too. ASLI WINNER UMAR RIAZ
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RT @OsmanZtheGooner: Paul Merson “Piers Morgan is living in the past saying Arsenal should sack Mikel Arteta if they don't finish in the…
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and now, a song about how @AliDoesntWork should drink water.
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RT @BhadmusAkeem: Do PR for the Governor. Do PR for the Deputy Governor (Auxiliary). I should really commend these SIWES BOYS energy.
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RT @RossDyerTV: @chicagosmayor It’s a game show to these frauds. Crass bribery is never a factor you should consider for having a m…
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RT @himani_kk: Search the tagline VIJAYI BHAVA TEJASSWI on search bar and massss retweet all the tweets we should come into the li…
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RT @nzrailcoalition: At the top of the list of regional rail services we should restore is the Auckland - Tauranga Kaimai Express 🚞 Con…
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RT @MHosgoudru: Guys on the other hand do google search also today ormax list will out #TejasswiPrakash Should be at no. 1 VIJAYI…
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@MomNuke @RomancingNope @JeremyPhilosoph @stevesilberman I don't see how this fits into the media's narrative of "r…
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