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RT @IsThisYou___: IS THIS YOU??? 🛏🔧 #isthisyou #StrongestLinks #Flag #StrayerUniversity #Men #Shot #Police
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RT @KoikiMedia: Primary school student shot dead by NIGERIA ARMY IN IMO STATE.
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RT @PokmiHQ: If you say “Hollywood” 🌴 We say “#Xbiz Awards 2022” 🏆 If you say “Pokmi” 🖤 We say “Goes to Hollywood!” Wanna co…
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@SabrinaMBetts Yeah…did mine with the flu shot…clearly oversported my hand
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RT @AajKamranKhan: Very surprising one day after massive Indo-Russia defence deal Russian Mi-17 helicopter crashed killing the Indian…
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To clarify, When I say 'new vaccine,' I mean this vaccine is still in trials. But you can bet they have already t…
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RT @insightfactor: 🔴Irregular Expenditure Rises🔴 ICYMI- The Auditor General today stated that irregular expenditure in Provincial & N…
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My point: is the economic cost of an AWS zone outage more, or less, then the increased economic output that the zon…
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RT @shannonrwatts: John Lennon was assassinated 41 years ago today by a man who flew from Hawaii to New York with a handgun in his sui…
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Hope lunch at the Mall of America food court doesn't cancel the effects of the booster shot I just got
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RT @priscilagural: Pfizer says 3rd shot of COVID vaccine more effective at neutralizing Omi... via @YouTube
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@JordyRen93 Booster shot. So shot #3
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RT @AllenWest: It appears that Gov. Abbott is using the facade of COVID shot mandates to preclude paying members of the TXNG w/thr…
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RT @CriminalCosta: Werner, on the right, with a free run to make half a yard and get a shot off. So naturally he decides to cut it ont…
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@TouringPlans That poor guy may get shot at this rate, lol.
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@playoffpbball @Bigdawg44735892 @whatsyourname45 Bro. WIDE OPEN. This is so embarassing lmao. Even rondo was able t…
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Wonder how @PressSec is going to spin @POTUS vaccine mandates getting shot down throughout the country??? Love the…
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RT @GunDeaths: Since tweeting this 48 hours ago: +122 gun deaths +182 gun injuries +2 mass shootings +5 children shot +23 teenage…
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@F4DE2BL4CK critically important point, broken back, car accident, gun shot, brain tumour (all the normal things)…
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