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RT @sukinayuta: starting to get really convinced the reason why yuta isnt included in awsaz is because hes able to get close to eve…
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RT @Sanzye: Any Media aide or PR helping Govt to lie... you're included In my Psalm 35 prayer. May your days be short and may t…
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I think if we don’t have short or long term fish memory, almost all “authoritarian states and dictatorships in Cent…
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RT @TrendsPrabhas: A day where crackers burst, Celebrations on Sky high, Fans on Joyous mood and nothing short of a festival. Oct 23rd…
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@ivytarablair In short no, they're within rules and recommendations. Could do more, just wont.
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RT @sholz_ardin: Sega is canceled. Short man with unkept hair.
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RT @hueningie_43: @soobinlovbot @TXT_members @TXT_bighit Actually I can't choose all of the songs are beautifully made a masterpiece…
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Such a weird take. To see a father embracing his last living son and you pull your head out of your own ass to ques…
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RT @mallygb100: Life too short to be living in a lie
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@condor150976 @32reuben @sidlaws75 Also short breeks and a long crotch. This photo is fucked up in many ways
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RT @RapSheet: The #Ravens plan to sign veteran WR Dez Bryant to the practice squad if his workout goes well and he passes a physi…
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@degrassiana short king # 1
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@shagufta_97 im talking generally to how feminism is evolving today, not just her tweet. its not weird for men to w…
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A la Ronde: The 16-Sided House That’s Never Short of Sunlight
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RT @4UWell: Life is short, time is fast. No replays, no rewinds. So just enjoy every moments you have and make the best out of it.
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@erin_bartram What I also like about this admirably freely-shared reproduction of short Twain pieces, provided by P…
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Tbh I hate how short I am but at least Eric would like me🙈
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RT @issa_jayvibe: @KekePalmer how about the short/growing manes ? 🤣
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@MissDomergue He’s at least 45. Are the teachers short sighted?
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RT @justinbaragona: MSNBC's Hallie Jackson cuts short interview with Trump spox Hogan Gidley after he peddles conspiracies about widesp…
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