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@Twenty4kai @UltraInstnctAnt But ppl are bashing her as if it's her fault she was nominated and won over Ari.
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RT @JaydePierce: This cause really does mean everything to me... #PampersForPreemies. Hardest time in my life but she’s a fighter! 💕
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RT @tinkizee2: You respect a woman's agency to wear whatever she wants but you can only see hijab as inequality and reduction. I…
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@ClawedBetrayal Needless to say; that is one of Adora's weakness but she stood tall. "What do you want?"
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RT @Koreaboo: A Fansite Manager Was So Distracted By EXO Chanyeol’s Handsomeness, She Missed Taking Pictures Of Her Actual Bias
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"She doesn't wanna KILL ME,she wants to USE ME. She's cute."
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RT @RossforMaine: Susan Collins says she’s an independent voice in the Senate. But after 23 years in DC, she's proven that her loyalt…
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@BustyShinigami Oh, he misses her. She's more than welcome to use him for her needs.
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RT @MarciaDaughtre1: Why was a Russian spy set free while an American whistle blower languishes in prison? Trump’s corrupt administratio…
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RT @TakeForGrantd: i’m so clueless last year a friend was talking to me about music and she said “I like wish you were gay by billie e…
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RT @ryan_c7991: Dunno why anyone’s slagging caitlyn Jenner. Like she’s 70 year old and sleeping on the jungle floor after jumping o…
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RT @BRAVEmediaMO: Missouri Democrat and Gubernatorial candidate, Nicole Galloway, says she’s for prohibition on flavored vaping.…
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RT @GuidoFawkes: Enjoying Emily Thornberry's tweets against the millionaires backing the Tories. She must secretly be worried about…
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look at her she’s so cute
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I don’t understand how she’s the closest relative to me will say she gone do something and then not fucking do it
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RT @AbokinTacha: God. Tacha is SUPER influential. She’s a SUPER-DUPER Influencer. She didn’t even say anything, she just added t…
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RT @_trinityyj: In season 2 episode 21 of That’s So Raven I never realized someone in the crowd said “who is this R. Kelly?” When R…
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@yogaDGAF She’s kinda right, but I find when I ask, people say they are busy, so then my moment passes & I lose int…
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RT @SOCKSnFLOPS: Kim has a body that's hard to cover up so anything she wears would look "inappropriate". I hope this is her trollin…
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@RaceTrac Why is my local store not accepting my RaceTrac app free rockstar drink coupon? Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna,…
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