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Clark Kent / Superman Writer +21 Ship with chemistry Lewd / non-lewd content Dm to plot Shape: Henry Cavill…
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@gtconway3d Perhaps he was interpreted as the curling puck. He’s roughly the same shape
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When it comes to tiles, though big tiles are trending, smaller mosaic remains the most popular and recommended choi…
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Suddenly Everything has Changed: Jake, Terezi, and i'm even feeling Nepeta "Driving home the sky accelerates and t…
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RT @EWF_Robb: $CWH September 30 view, Camping World Holdings is hot this year, and it’s about to get even hotter. Elliottwave vi…
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RT @FateAspect: Bleach Hive stay talking about drip n sauce when reborn out classes them in every way, shape and form 😭😭
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pero oki lang yan take your time to shape yourself into that person. u still have time.
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RT @MarziManed: Putting out feelers for this. I have a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 The tablet is ~2 years or so, and is in good sha…
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RT @bbatilano: “Maybe that's the thing about getting older; you'll learn to close some doors, not because of pride but because of…
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@BonnieCrombie Hazel McCallion left Mississauga in excellent shape. Last six years, lodging houses, basement rental…
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RT @Neoavatara: Europe is in FAR worse shape than the US. And the US is a mess to begin with. The US has about 70k a day right no…
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RT @Samaria_Leah: hit the gym and get ya shape back.
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RT @bbatilano: “Maybe that's the thing about getting older; you'll learn to close some doors, not because of pride but because of…
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@pumpkin_flee This was deliberately done so the Gems of Homeworld and their projects are seen as a sort of infectio…
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@mxchocolatae amazing in every way shape or form
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@xi7min it would suit you tbh, you're small and your face shape is v pretty plus your hair color..... you would look so cute!
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I have a nice shape , just FAT. & No I’m not pregnant Dad! -.- lmfao. He really thought.
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@naughtyDOGGOS @cloudy_reality David isn't a goblin or ogre. He is more of a shape-shifting with a ugly hidden form…
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@MJVanCity @MatthewZatorSC He either does or it's over for him in the NHL in any meaningful way All signs point to…
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