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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: In a chilling interview, Bruce Springsteen warns Americans that “the American experiment” faces a “harrow…
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RT @adage: .@Doritos' latest spot is a touching animated tale about love after death. ❤️ The new film centers around Dia De L…
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@shan_the_druid Same!! I personally loved Stardust the movie over the book too 😜🤗 But the American Gods book is AMAZING!!!!
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Why haven't I watched American Gods before? Its brutal I love it.
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RT @ReportsDaNews: The very definition of White privilege in the American Justice system: The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse cas…
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@shan_LVJY maybe ur blind but having black features (dark skin, afro hair, etc.) makes someone black… esp if they a…
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RT @DoubleDownNews: Doctor EXPOSES Plan to Sell NHS to American Corporations @drbobgill
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RT @michaelharriot: Ok, let’s not call it Critical Race Theory. We won’t even call it “Black History.” Instead, let’s accept the premis…
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@cathrinewith1e Julie & Julia, Midnight Library, An American Marriage, Bolla, and Beneath Devils Bridge. Just start…
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