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@derekboltxxx The blasphomy, the gods gave you such a great gift and you removed it on a whim. Shame! Shame! Shame!
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RT @parabasis: In honor of Richard Linklater’s birthday lemme just say it seems kinda like BERNIE has fallen through the cracks a bit and that’s a shame.
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Asides from Rodriguez, everybody here went home with something. Have a little shame.
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@SCBalveda @Zooeylander Plenty of people have answered the question, it’s just indoctrinated gender ideologues who…
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@feshsaini @GenshinImpact More than playable, I think he's one of those characters that can have a screen reveal bu…
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RT @chakrabortty: ‘people use washing-up liquid to wash clothes; brushed their teeth without toothpaste; and stayed at home because t…
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RT @CassieMarie1229: @ODedOnRealityTV Lol well you dont have to get crypo you can just sell it for the cash & withdrawl it THEN buy your…
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RT @myownajr: @Grace4NY @RitchieTorres @JudyChuCampaign Please stop blaming Covid-19 for your incompetence and callow indifferenc…
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@Patbagley I literally have no words for the anger n shame I feel for those who put us back here‼️
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RT @_Mahia_itz: Rt then Tweet ALREADY one show have trended and being the biggest Mytho show if we don't trend how shame it will be #IIA7RADHAKRISHN
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RT @Muppetiers: Shame about the cancelled friendly but good to see no positive Covid cases following PCRs.
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@rtenews Numbers only continue to rise because of false positive IN PCR TESTING @rtenews couldn't tell the truth s…
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RT @_Adatuu: Yaa Allah ease our Conditions, Sustain our honor, distance us from shame and failure, forgive our sins and purify our souls🙏🏽
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@greengoldfc @footballdaily @skysports_sheth You’re paying him 450 thousand pounds a week for 5 years have some shame
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Everything owned by the Trump Org is tainted by the shame of sedition, insurrection and domestic terrorism. If you…
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RT @mariannedh: Hi, I'm Marianne! I'm a Venezuelan activist based in Chile. I have anxiety and depression, which was recently re-di…
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@joncoopertweets @FOX5Vegas It sounds like they should have gotten adequate life insurance too. I got life insuranc…
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RT @harishrajguru19: #SpeakAgainstTaliban Shame on the so called liberals who are indirectly supporting the talibans #SpeakAgainstTaliban
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RT @mazinotorious: Dear @EjioforBar Biafrans are proud and forever indebted to you for your marvelous doings, selfless efforts to sha…
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Golden eyes flicker up to meet blue ones, and his pupil briefly turn to slits; though the grin on his face widens.…
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