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RT @TheBlackLayers: I want you all to know that the police put more effort and resources into policing sex workers as opposed to stoppi…
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RT @NoTalentAC: Tip: When making a sex tape, play Disney music in the background. That way, if it gets leaked online, Disney attorn…
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@kiri_sex わー、どちらかとゆーと霧が癒されるのでは?
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RT @NewYorkMinute__: Them sex flashbacks hit hard when you’re bored
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RT @Preshi__: Pleasurable😌 Sex Positions for Overweight People (18+) A Thread!!! Dear Big Girls👧, don't be afraid to get on top…
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RT @Tiff_FitzHenry: Have a good looking daughter? Improve your financial status by sex trafficking her to Prince Andrew! Just drop a nu…
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RT @bingodaddyy: when people find out you have your nipples pierced they assume that it means you're good at sex. it actually just m…
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@anek93wp Ania, te siostry to akurat robiły pewnie sporo za niego Czytając co napisałaś, chyba nie masz aż tak źle…
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RT @RightWingJewess: Bernie Sanders loves the new DA of San Freakin Cisco who will no longer prosecute "lifestyle crimes", such as urina…
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RT @zaconeyandw0ke: I love Sex Education and The End of the F***ing World but there is something so jarring about how netflix original…
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RT @WeirdCutiee: when you understand how powerful sex is, it won’t be so easy for you to just lay next to Anybody
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RT @phunky___: U are given 100 rounds of Sex a Year.... How many Rounds are u left with now 😂😂😂
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RT @loveIyamber: i hate quiet sex. tell me you gone kill me or something damn
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RT @DIRTBIKE_LB: In 2020 I wanna see girls n boys making more moves together.. women are key in businesses they are reliable n more…
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RT @EyesOnQ: Dallas woman accused of selling 11-year-old for sex at hotels for months, police say
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RT @NkaniYabathathu: 6 months without sex Or 6 months without Twitter Choose 1 😂
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@Haqeeqat_TV Pakistan ka bhi to yahi hal hai har koi sex kar rha hai is say to agar is say kisi nay kar lia to kia ho gaya
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Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Not Attract Punishment In Nigeria -By Adejumo Kabir
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RT @ItsLumberzack: ur crush is having sex with someone while ur struggling to spell defenintly
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