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RT @ted_tweets_: @kristine_kenyon @tizzywoman You have two sets of twins! Wow!! My single pair was a lot.
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idea: tosh.0 rave, early 10s club music only. tv screens that play fail videos everywhere
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Got motivated by this tweet and just did 5 sets of 20 pushups. 💪✨ Legit gonna' get back hardcore into gains and get…
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@stoya like can work my way around festivals movie sets private concerts
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RT @thiagolaterza: Ouça TABACADA BRABA 16.0!! - ESTILO BOMBA PATCH: 100% ATUALIZADO ((VÁRIOS ACESSOS MULHER)) de Thiago Laterza no…
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@alexxsamonte @kyxrose21 i miss when alex would add more sets 😭✋🏽
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Here is today's COVID-19 update for #SanAntonio and #BexarCounty, including number of new and total cases, deaths,…
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What is a strong bowling ball? What is a weak bowling ball? Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track sets the record straigh…
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Kolkata Heritage River Cruise sets sail
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RT @BTS_Billboard: ⌛ 6 HOURS LEFT US/PR ARMY! Purchase full sets on the BTS US Store and do not stop streaming to help secure DYNAMIT…
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RT @RegDexProject: Introducing the Pokemon Regional Dex Art Pack! Featuring over 100 images and 3 animations by nearly 40 different ar…
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but actually though, what do you think of @zan_syed's idea for testing new cards/sets? the current process definite…
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@Thomas1774Paine At least he sets a good example to budding authors suffering with alzheimers.
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RT @ArmyPy5: [🌤️] Soundcloud ft @BTS_twt Vamos con algunas playlists para calmarnos un poco, en ocasiones son cosas sencillas l…
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RT @Burssty: stop using foreign character sets as "spooky language" please
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RT @soompi: #BLACKPINK's #Jisoo's Guest Appearance On "#DeliciousRendezvous" Sets New Personal Record For Show…
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RT @MartinVachiery: Là maintenant, avec les nouvelles règles Covid dans les bars, je fais des "DJ" sets de 16 à 22h, y a des gens ivres…
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@Katewells01 after every lesson i do quizlets. i have a folder for the topic so for example I have law making and s…
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RT @jilevin: Biden Breaks Fundraising Record Again, Buoyed by Debate
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don’t judge me but i’m gonna get drunk and blast my favorite bassnectar sets since the roomie goone
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