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Check out Vintage Farber & Shlevin Hand Wrought 1416 Metal Floral Leaves serving tray dish via @eBay
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RT @BankerTweety: We are serving nation without any security, SOP and we are also not getting Vaccine. Our collogues being infected d…
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@REDEMPTlONARC serving as u should
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RT @MaryRiddell: More revelations about the sleaze engulfing Boris Johnson and his team. Today is the turn of Lord Udny-Lister, who…
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Why don't we like freeze alcohol and like use it as icecubes when serving like other alcohol and shit.
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@rastasack It’s flying to preclude it from serving just that purpose
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@laurenboebert @AOC @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib You are No one to lecture anyone about serving their district! Sane peo…
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RT @JackPosobiec: Lt Col Lohmeier is a federally protected whistleblower and his firing by US Space Force is textbook illegal retalia…
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@reizzla serving gaviscunt
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RT @animevibeeee: Hokage Naruto serving looks 🔥
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house of worth fucking it up and serving every time. thank you
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RT @shelbshortstack: Wouldn’t want to drive 22 hours round trip, on 3 days of no sleep after a 50 hour work with for any other group of…
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RT @MichaelBloch15: In a rare move, the Texas State Bar disbarred a prosecutor for withholding evidence that would have exonerated two…
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@DevonVoixVO @WriterOfBirdies serving grima and was scared of them not trusting her anymore, and she's apologizing…
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RT @DanPriceSeattle: "restaurant jobs are only for teens - they don't need a living wage" and have you been to lunch on a weekday durin…
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RT @BethMooreLPM: May the love of Jesus fill you this day in your worship, your preaching, your hearing & receiving, your serving, yo…
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I like to keep morale up by serving little treats now and then.
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RT @Solomon_Buchi: My idea of marriage: total partnership & service to one another. I wash, cook and clean when I can; she does same w…
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RT @HumanityWarior7: Helping others boost Self-Esteem and sense of Happiness. This #SpiritualSunday spend some time in serving mankind.…
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RT @AASAHQ: Your #SundayReading: This month’s #AASAmag profile features @drmuminrsd, a finalist for AASA’s #SOY2021. He says yo…
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