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@funnylucy69 I am living in a hell world that is straight out of the old memes from tumblr. There is not a part in…
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RT @MelMan65: @Myminimine Perhaps? Or is he the most aware of all of the Realities? Too many are not taking this era seriously!!…
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RT @jksthrone: armys y'all need to take voting seriously , we only have 2 days left and we can't stop now for bts!!!! FO…
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RT @RahulKohli13: I paused Dark Souls 3 to get a manicure because I take this game seriously.
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Seriously, thank you to everyone who helped with his struggle. We'll be going to see him for Christmas, which wil…
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as someone w a job, sports, clubs, 4 aps and is graduating early, please take me seriously when i say : if possible…
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RT @donmoyn: New from me: The partisan Covid gap is worsening. Research using careful causal designs show that media messaging,…
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@A_GustyGal Seriously, touch grass fr
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@sunshinegal_00 What is this world coming to? Seriously...
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RT @iamErica_Mena: Seriously glad everybody is pissing me off before Xmas 😩🤣😉
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@atomiccadet I think people are not taking it seriously because people knew stuff like this was going to happen
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what the fuck i’m seriously graduating next year
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The doctors at RWJ kept telling me this for months only for me to find out I had staph and lost so much blood that…
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Seriously, wtf did crypto bros tweet about before crypto was a thing? Like, their entire personalities are based on…
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RT @Milhouse_Van_Ho: If you're not wearing a mask at home you're not taking this seriously. Get it together, people!
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RT @RavichandraBM7: Kerala is a recruitment centre of Jihad Terrorists Kerala has become a recruiting centre for Jihadi terrorists,&ma…
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RT @CoachFHM: If you knew how much sleep impacts performance in the gym You’d take it more seriously.
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@MikAtNighte Who, your ex? Seriously?
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RT @4theculture____: People seriously can’t drive this is unbelievable
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Unpopular opinion but you can't expect nondisordered people 2 know how 3ds work. Ik when they say shit like "oh don…
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