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Omg this actually makes sense and would be genius
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RT @dareynow: Question of the day still unanswered! We are already talking about rebuilding, panels setup to hear this and that.…
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RT @BallouxFrancois: It is completely beyond me how anyone could think that spreading despair and hopelessness may be a helpful public h…
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@adewole_adewuyi @jidesanwoolu @adewole_adewuyi if we go by the logic of your explanation, the soldiers attacked th…
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@wendywoo6089 I heard it was all bonkers rules, a bit like a comedy play, where you get to do stupid things that make no logical sense.
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@_christummy Gipalupad daw nila chan. Common sense radaw na ana mam. U don't need a lot to have a house these days daw HAHAHAHAHAH
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As much as I love behind the masks, I hate the official version. IMO I don’t like the applause that goes on through…
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RT @AlbanoDante76: Saben que en @jcuixart parla sense por. Per això el tenen tancat. Fem-nos dignes d'aquesta valentia. Gràcies Jordi! #CuixartTV3
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@OJPhilly It could just be my insecurities but I sense a lil’ sarcasm.😆
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@Dianne_Khan @essigna @carol_stirling In my case it helped me understand my life’s experiences. I think for younger…
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RT @Slindo_M: Relationships should be peaceful. When I say peaceful, I don’t mean perfect/ without disagreements or low moments..…
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RT @xofiImss: music is the only thing that makes sense anymore
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RT @delanightmares: Q. Do you know what New Zealands secret, mysterious, magical recipe for squashing covid and maintaining a robust ec…
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Mullen got beat and held...makes sense
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I was wondering how tf he overthrew him so that makes sense
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My sense of humor these days are just off.
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@DrEricDing And adults get upset because kids won’t stay in their seats. Keep away from bars,restaurants,crowded p…
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@VancouverSun It would make sense that a great deal of their support would come from mail-in ballots from those who…
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RT @GovCTW: Does anyone in this Administration have any sense at all?
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@Frankvdb1971 @Smilan317 Since we so freely allow Russian oligarch influence, we have to exercise an abundance of c…
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