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RT @AlbertLloreta: Fa tota la pinta que ens hem rendit i acceptem lloretdemaritzar Catalunya. No acabo d'entendre el model de país, mé…
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@sunflowervhabit ahahahhahq well i mean awesome movie awesome song and awesome album so ig that makes it make sense
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RT @jordiborras: Trens de la R3 en via única a pas de trotuga, mig país sense connexió digna a internet, però el @govern postpandèmi…
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@KraftHeinzCo's Yang Xu and @NatWestGroup’s Andrew Blincoe share their thoughts on the key pillars to a successful…
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@lhhsfairy @bffoflouis i make perfect sense wdym, duh
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@bIuebirdazurite Ohhhh that makes sense I forgot you could do that
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no but when kpop multis have a 2 page long list of bands they stan and i don't see bts it somehow doesn't make sens…
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@bookdragoness @stanukiss2K21 My twt was meant in a broader sense tho. Social behaviour is a moving subject to begi…
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RT @TMSWatchdog: “In that sense we’re reverting to our World War II approach, when we had lots of inexpensive, good-enough stuff and…
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RT @AKsUniverse: A Stylish Action Movie By A True Sense!! #BellBottomTrailerOnTheWay
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@Sir_Biolar Yesso, i go all the way. Food make sense.
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RT @gallifantes: Després de fer l'exercici de desobediència civil més bèstia d'Europa, de tenir l'Estat contra les cordes i amb una…
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@phinsfan1967 @MiamiDolphins I agree with you but you must understand we as Americans are spoiled, undisciplined, a…
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What if Somizi was also abused. Let's wait for him to say something maybe Mohale said something first just to plant…
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RT @GeminiTerms: #Gemini are easily annoyed/ irritated by people who don’t have any common sense.
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Gun free South Africa must surely be controlled by some evil far left Liberal agenda? Because how the Fok can you c…
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RT @RoverGrover: @MeghanMcCain Wow. Do you have any sense of about who has character and who doesn’t?
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REQUEST @kingandprince_j @MTV #FridayLivestream ヾ(⌒(_'ω' )_ King & Prince ♡ 3rdAlbum « Re:Sense » NowOnSale!! I…
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