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@Akademiks Lol selfish ass hoe. Lol all because of taxes 🙄
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RT @twittydoodle: A True Mother can never discriminate between Children, whether it's hers or other's... Motherly Love is never sel…
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@RutiRegan And the nonsense argument of breast/chest feeding saving time and money over formula as a "don't be self…
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@susanpenhaligon Conservative instincts are selfish.. they looks after themselves and expect everyone else to do th…
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This is insane. And I went to Costco yesterday and dozens of you weren't bothering to even wear masks, WTF. Stop be…
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RT @phillybluntsUS: Everybody have a Groovy day. Always do what you know is right for you even when you know someone might not agree wi…
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Who gives a fuck about these ppl and their selfish irresponsible parents. These ppl want to bring us all down to a…
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Because Trump's idea of success is to be unhealthy, corrupt, greedy, selfish, and a big bully. Others idea of succ…
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Some of my republican friends believe that the private sector can do better than consolidated federal government in…
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@cdschristine Oh, to have the self confidence of a selfish, lying idiot. Glad they are ex.
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@MTebogoR1 So selfish
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RT @goldengateblond: “mom I’m hungry” “don’t be selfish sweetie what’s really important is McConnell got another judge on the bench”
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RT @StephanieHypes: Muting selfish people is so empowering and peaceful 😌
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Thammudu ani premaga ante slow ga thaaduto kosadu . Orey Mehboob ga yem selfish gaadvi ra 🤭 #BiggBossTelugu4
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RT @goldsant: So well said and illustrated, Vivek! If only we saw errors in our ways and the price other species have to pay for…
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RT @cruabIes: you’re not selfish for wanting the same energy and love u give
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TfL hands out nearly 500 fines to 'selfish' passengers not in masks
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RT @sunfloweraidil: i hope i dont sound selfish but PKPB extending is seriously affecting my mental health. im constantly anxious, r…
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@SenMutula It is moments like these that make me confirm that all politicians are the same. All are hypocrites, sel…
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