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SNL is for white yuppie cucks who think that making jokes about how lame and evil white people are is anything more…
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RT @ShimmerStories: MY DEAREST, we write to you from a Secret Location, in the hopes that This Missive shall Find You across all lines…
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RT @GGYOUNGBOY: To the world it ain’t no secret that girl I’m still loving, but to instagram it’s a secret that that girl I’m still fucking.
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RT @premnsikka: The UK is institutionally corrupt. Govts protect wrongdoers rather than the people, devoted to advancing corporate…
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RT @sldn95: @BBCBreaking what you’re not going to broadcast how some terrorist just stabbed an imam in Regent’s Park mosque or…
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RT @GautamGang7: There are 3-4 pathetic questions as some are really "Hawasi" here as we all know!! They don't knw that secret ques…
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RT @Thomas1774Paine: More troubling details have emerged about the previously secret non-prosecution agreement in Florida eleven years a…
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RT @JulieBorowski: The secret to a long lasting marriage is to marry someone who is too lazy to cheat.
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RT @benshapiro: The dirty little secret revealed by last night's debate: the media are f***ing garbage at their jobs. Every conserv…
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See um, Heavy feelings for you yeah yeah its no secret. 🎶
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@YourPalCalensk lol i kinda respect the clout chase with them, and each time they do something i find it interestin…
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Mayor knew about the firing 1 week prior, meanwhile the political party that fired Lazarus knew about it for months…
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Who knew? It’s been a big secret on Twitter.
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.@Z100NewYork has your exclusive access to our iHeartRadio Secret Session with Harry Styles #iHeartHarryStyles
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RT @TENprojectTH: 🎂 TEN's BIRTHDAY 2020 🎂 - P A R T 4 - SECRET PROJECT ⭐ PARIS ADVERTISING ⭐ ☑️ The Catch Screens…
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It means we need to make love. So we sneaked in to the house, to the secret basement and lurked inside there and ma…
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RT @highsteve69: and that’s on the krabby patty secret formula
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Secret History Queen Victoria and the Crippled Kaiser via @YouTube
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RT @ninaandtito: Devin Nunes is dumber than a cow He lies to his constituents, and how! His conspirator Kash Patel Can access top se…
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