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@stellaomalley3 @jonnnybest It is a fact co-morbidities are a factor. That certain groups are more obese and theref…
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@rwdrbr @davidleehoffer @Barton_options @svrnco Try to leave all non perishable in the garage for 2-3 days. UV-c la…
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But she didn't return it. She reinvested it. It's like the bank robber stashed it in a cave and said, "So we're g…
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@teddyboylocsin Yehey! Sec Locsin. May we just ask, are returning OFWs (Balik Mangagawa) covered by the Travel/Deployment Ban as per POEA?
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RT @therightarticle: Where is Patel? Home Sec goes AWOL during crisis, even refusing Select Committee appearance four times
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comunqur se mi beccate a supportare qualcuno di problematico pls tell me che ci metto 2 sec a buttarlo nel cesso
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@eternallyoongs AH NVM AM PRIMIT CHESTIA CU BEST FRIENDS JDNDNDDN heading over in a sec~
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RT @Avicenna_Razi: "Mıgırdıç'ı sever de Osman'ı sevmez zındık İti domuzu sever, insanı sevmez zındık İster ki diz üstüne çökertilsin T…
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Moi : on s’appelle en FaceTime ? Elle : Ouai 2 sec je vais chercher mes écouteurs
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RT @KeithCameron5: Where is Patel? Home Sec goes AWOL during crisis, even refusing Select Committee appearance four times…
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@_adamcafc @robsnodgrass7 @32watto_ @MattHancock No if you’re combining wages then still managers, chairmen’s and o…
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RT @mukasiri: Mineral wealth can make a difference in communities where resources resources are extracted when secrecy is ended…
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Doja hop off the perc 30 for a sec
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RT @COOKYPRNT: well um imma need him to let go for a sec and call me whore over a trap beat
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RT @heart8255: 新型コロナウイルスに係る軽症者の受入宿泊施設の募集 この度、福島県では、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大に伴い、自覚症状がない、または病状が軽い方々に療養いただく旅館・ホテルを募集いたします…
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RT @Ag_Monteverde: En Misiones detuvieron a una mujer “por alentar al cacerolazo” gracias a esto ...Y cuando fueron a detenerla, encon…
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Has cooking turned into your most useful obsession in the #Lockdown? Share some recipes with us too! Upload your 30…
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@Sec_Cordoba Felicitaciones al Secretario de Educación. Gabriel Moreno Guerrero que mi Dios me lo bendiga!!!
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@cougjsyrup truman show olur..ya da your name izlemek istiyom ne zamandır anime gibi bi film..sen sec :’
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@crushingonlarry back on this fandom for a sec cause this was on my tl: they’re both amazing bromances but ziall is superior bye
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