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RT @MonogatariRobot: Monogatari Series Second Season - Koimonogatari 01 - 004621
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RT @PaolaPerfume: Opening day of courgette season.😁
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RT @minahomine: I was in charge of drawing these illustration covers for Modao radio drama JP version last year. Looking forward fo…
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RT @anmargboyce: Tia-Adana Belle will be the second Barbadian to take to the track at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics today. She competes in…
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This whole season is just Kiara & Pope being together even though it seems like she doesn’t even like him at all.
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The one time in my life that I fainted was when a Doctor at UBC informed me that I couldn't play the Grade 12 HS Ru…
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RT @AFCTV4: Our journey starts tomorrow at @Vauxhallmotorfc and as the newly promoted side I think we will turn a few heads this season #AFCL #UTNLR ⚽🔴
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@ReaPer_Mysticc Sana di ka maka 10k kay loba next season tas kunin yung loba sayo 😏
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Current Watching: The Simpsons - Season 2, Episode 3 "Treehouse of Horror" #jtswatchlist
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RT @RajaArshad56: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday asked all Pakistanis, especially the youth, to prepare themselves for the "bigg…
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@KureyaTakudzwa @Ashley_Goredema @ZimboGunners @Arsenal Elneny literally played last season, you continue to ignore…
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@NUFC360 Does this bloke know when the season starts?
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RT @jackcleevely: 🤩 𝟙𝟡 𝟡 𝟚𝟡 🤩 Who else is trying to see this dressing room this season 👀⚽️🤝 @masonmount_10 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿…
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@grasya388 Since Naz wrote then to be lovey dovey in Yemin and it was cute I'm sure she can so same for Emanet. F…
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RT @wildmoorsuk: Grouse moors are being encouraged to rewild after the shooting season has been cancelled. 🌿 It's time to place res…
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RT @russwestfacts: Before the 2022 season starts: “Lebrick” “Westbrick” “Bad spacing” “Wont work” “Lebron needs a washed PG” “Lakers a…
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RT @Nelsonfc1: Here we go!! IT’S GAMEDAY!!! Nelson FC vs Pilkington FC in the season opener! 📆 Saturday 31st July ⏰ 3pm Kick…
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The way I just want to resign from everything eCaweni. Yho ha.a shame, this season of my life doesn't require unecessary stressors
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RT @MonogatariRobot: Monogatari Series Second Season - Koimonogatari 01 - 004621
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