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RT @KapilMishra_IND: Science is cancelled
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RT @taslimanasreen: Instead of building secular schools, science academies, bangladesh govt builds madrasas,madrasas, and madrasas. Ins…
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This was always coming... Facebook and Twitter and many of the MSM so-called fact checkers were always journo's w…
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COP26: Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report - BBC News
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RT @RealBrysonGray: The same person that tells you to “trust the science” will also tell you that a man can get pregnant. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE 🤦🏾‍♂️
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RT @johnrich: So why do we see millions of fans crammed into football stadiums every weekend nationwide chanting #LetsGoBrandon w…
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@debrashore As a regular Joe science teacher, I appreciated being included in a round table about Techny Basin area…
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RT @goldenhharry: WHY is harry’s part objectively the best part of every one direction song. there is science behind this that needs to be studied
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RT @LifeNewsHQ: Leftists endlessly rant about science when it comes to COVID. But when it comes to unborn babies, a beating heart d…
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: pretty sure I'd rather not fly on an airplane with a pilot who doesn't believe in science or medicine, but maybe that's just me
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@theirnewstart @Chestnut_champ @science_cowgirl But almost EVERYONES makes me go oof so like, buckle up
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@HaileyLennonBTC Girls can’t resist the island boi. It’s science.
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RT @RadioFreeTom: My former comrades on the right saying that "Because Mitch didn't dump the filibuster in 2017, he never will" are a…
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RT @mark_lynas: Do you remember the famous 97% study - that 97% of climate science supported the consensus on human-caused climate…
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@damn_elle420 Fingers crossed for weird science!
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Thank you Denver Museum of Nature & Science @DenverMuseumNS for the shoutout and the awesome picture!!! #Zozobra
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RT @HelenBranswell: Fascinating story about what is being learned from study of SARS-2’s evolution in the bodies of immunocompromised i…
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: holy fucking shit, vaccine mandates are causing teachers who don't believe in science to quit, nurses who don't bel…
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@EgosShadow7 As a political science student, I can support you with that anyway, the replies are funny af.😭
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RT @BGR: A massive object devastated Uranus a long time ago and it never fully recovered
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