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We grown now, too many high school city boys still in my city. Expand yourself. Trying to impress the lil city girls will keep you behind..
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RT @hwnghyunn1e: fun fact, when hyunjin was in school he was part of a soccer club and he was given the nickname ‘JayWon’ meaning ‘j…
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RT @_eephuspitch: Locastro played DIII ball for @ithaca_baseball in the @Empire8. Helped the Bombers reach the final three in 2013 wh…
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RT @JamesMelville: An inconvenient truth for some... Sweden (no lockdowns, no masks and no school closures) and Germany (lockdowns,…
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RT @Lemmingscouting: Top 5 High School Football States 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. California 4. Georgia 5. Ohio Who you got??
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@mw0ke Literally like even I knew secondary school wasn’t for me last could have set me up with trade schools but nah
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RT @dieMuellerin123: @drsimonegold A German court in #weimar bans masks, testing and social distance for school kids.
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@NPR Wow the first time a school EVER required vaccinations 😂
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RT @PippiCalz: Nel mese di marzo in via dell'Abbadia, a Bologna, sono stati affissi da Cheap (progetto bolognese di public art), i…
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RT @ErosClaudius: It's more than a little cringe how much conservatives hate school shooting survivor David Hogg.
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Miss me w that high school shit. Teens nowadays
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RT @CeliaBergin: A young girl from my old school has gone missing, anyone in the (North) London area please keep an eye out for her.
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RT @solojunkyu: my korean friend irl said that her friends are fighting over jihoon after seeing him in inkigayo today, she also sa…
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Kids don’t just go outside, play, and almost die on the daily and that’s the true crime. Every scar on my body besi…
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Was driving past my former High School and I decided to drive in and watch kasi football. This brings back so many…
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@DeKition @JoyCannabis The Kennedy School? Do tell... #Receipts
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RT @chris_herd: Pandemic remote work: 🔒lockdowns 🏠stuck home 🏖no vacations 🏫home school 🥗no eating out 🚧no boundaries 🫂can’t hug f…
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Time to back to school 🥲
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@SJosephBurns People get loans for college debt. Nobody is getting loans for stock,especially since it isn't common…
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After Namadingo through FDH Bank paid full secondary school fees for this kid (Made See), this is what he got in re…
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