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Y’all hearing what going on at MacArthur High School👀 let me find out my alum has the justice crusaders
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RT @hyperplanes: An underrated thing is the extent to which anti-maskers are skewing school board decisions in favor of closures. If…
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RT @faggiasofia: people in high school with Oda Nobunaga were probably like damn what a loser he'll never ascend to the status of Daimyo or unify japan
372 followers     Reply Retweet Favorite Top 10 New Tools and Resources from Flipgrid, Your Supportive Sidekick This School Year
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EAST SINGHBHUM: 15276 slots found for age 18+! Sep 22, 2021: 1261 slots found in pincode 831001 at 6 centers Sep 22…
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students in college are so much nicer than high school this shit is 10x better😭
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@sojerblue7294 @RScottPrimary Because the final condition reports have just been completed after the last flooding…
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RT @ArcadiaUnified: ***Missing Student*** An Arcadia High School student has been missing since yesterday after school. Kristen Chang i…
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@RikhSev Easing her tongue into his mouth, wiggling that beautiful booty on his crotch. Seems he was getting a free…
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cool edit for school
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RT @SkylerSwisher: Gov. Ron DeSantis is naming Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, an associate professor at Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, as F…
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RT @JoeBrunoWSOC9: NCDHHS tells me Lincoln County is working with the Lincoln County Health Department to implement protocols to ensur…
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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING NEWS: While the media obsesses over the Gabby Petito story, Jelani Day, a Black aspiring doctor and Illino…
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RT @bsarwary: “I want to go to school.” Powerful message from this eloquent Afghan girl.
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How do people have lives in uni like how yall go to gym and work and do school like .... if you do that power to ya
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This is why it’s special to be part of #TeamLPA. The PE department are off to the Summer Cup tomorrow, doing someth…
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Welcome to Midvale Elementary! ⁦@DCSDSTEM
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RT @ProfoundPilled: Yeah you could say our school district is underfunded
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@beomiIfs hey angel did u have a good day at school day :]]
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RT @YoniFreedhoff: So looks like 25% of Ontario's cases today are school based. Weird. Must be the kids/teachers/staff all caught COVI…
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