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Lol law school how far???
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RT @_angleroTHINKS: This video has lived rent free in my head since like middle school.
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@caseofdees Ik lees net een meisje van 12 op school in Griekenland. Wat , wanneer en of ze ziek is staat er niet…
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RT @MartinaBroe1: October 21st cases @NormaFoleyTD1 @MaryLouMcDonald @FergalBowers just an update on those figures you mentioned toda…
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RT @BolgerAnnmarie: @AngeCMJ This is so worrying ,I have two teens begging to be allowed to stay in school to see they’re peers & have…
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RT @DisusedC: "Only five Conservatives rebelled against the Government to vote for feeding more than 1.4 million children during…
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swear to god half the people i know are still mentally stuck in high school
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RT @translatores: Irish secondary school students have been grilling our translators this morning about translation as career. They’r…
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RT @EmmaHardyMP: The Tories last night voted against Labour’s plan to stop 17,544 children in Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire going…
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@jbfan911 psych major who is getting their phd while teaching some subject to either elementary or high school stud…
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RT @TaiwoOwatemi: I pleaded with the Conservatives to find it in their heart to ensure children don't go hungry. Tonight they voted…
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@VicGovDHHS Victorian of the Year goes to the Principal who shut the school down and sent the kid home before he wa…
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@HarlieQuero well, don’t go to law school
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RT @ragnasun8: Mps should take a huge pay cut to pay for the kids free school meals. They are low skilled workers who can only rea…
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RT @claremulley: Amazing teachers at my daughters’ school. This should not be needed... but it is. Thank you #swchs @Morsecat
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i pass this one mfer at school and he called me sexy 😎
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I hate the mancs with more passion than I put into anything positive but, bloody hell, every club needs a ⁦…
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RT @_craigjm: To all the 322 Mps who voted against extending free school meals today #ToryScum
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RT @ToyosiGodwin: 2023 now, you'll see these politicians spring up from somewhere. They'll start entering public buses, and eating wi…
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RT @ThisAintNick15: Make middle school survival guides
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