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RT @paulkrugman: My colleague David Brooks asserts that rising inequality is about productivity, not power. People used to say that…
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RT @groth1945: 🆘Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko says he doesn’t trust a word our boy Lev Parnas saying!Parnas own count…
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RT @Swamy39: The Uttarakhand Government has got a new law passed by the Assembly. On the face of it, one can say that it is unc…
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@aagustdef was gonna say penis fish but that’s something too
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RT @WalshFreedom: Been meaning to say this for awhile: As a conservative, I’m damn proud of the job @SpeakerPelosi has done during th…
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@fairydustmary @charlidamelio Well, first of all she is allowed to do what ever tf she wants with herself and none…
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RT @shateibun: which yakuza character is this, don't say kiryu
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@StorminaDCup3 @satpillane @JamieBrysonCPNI Picking at straws how petty can you get, your behaving very mature I must say.
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RT @charlidamelio: these grown men thinking it’s funny to say inappropriate things and make fun of a fifteen year old are disrespectfu…
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RT @Yale: “Art gives us visions into the future, and music makes us feel where we want to go. It is often artists or musician…
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RT @gulickhannah: passive aggressive girls are the worst because if they have a problem with you they won’t say anything but they’ll…
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RT @SanFrances_: Umar didn't say anything hurtful to anyone, he talked nicely w a smile on his face & after his exit Asim asked 'em…
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RT @charlidamelio: it’s crazy to me that just because you say it’s a joke means it’s supposed to be okay it’s sad that sexualizing min…
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@nmillybb2 Just say what it is w chest
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@blicktargaryen @LijTooWavy Don’t say universally because I do not like it 🥱 say what you want
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RT @blaqbfly: imagine how much of a total mindfvck it must b to look at bts from the POV of a western artist 😭. it’s those 7 kr d…
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@_chubbs__ Although I will have to say I like butter more on a grilled cheese. I like mayo more if I’m making a hot…
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RT @MHAOfficial: Hey, just popping in to say: My Hero Academia
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As I prepare for the drive home I must say I really miss the Friday Roundtable. @FadooBobcat @Sportsnet
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RT @RexHuppke: Fun Fact: If you say “I don’t know Lev Parnas” out loud, his lawyer will tweet out a photo of you posing with Parnas.
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