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RT @whohanii: i'm not perfect , i make a mistake , i hurt people but when i say sorry i really mean it
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@moonakhaleel Kya hal hay? Baghawat kar di jay? Muslah jidojahd aktiyar ki jay? Sirf baton say tu shariyat nahi aa…
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RT @Jimcorrsays: I do not say this lightly, but I have come to the conclusion over time, that our children are being utterly poisone…
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@LandfallGames can you say whether or not tabs unit creator will come out before the end of the year
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RT @fentytannies: the government is not making enough use of yoongi simply ask him to say he wants world peace
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RT @jffeeney3rd: Please say a prayer or two for my Grandmother, who took a couple of falls in the last week, and is spending the nig…
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@discordantrhyme @cbrooks56601 @sean_unfiltered @brianstelter It wasn't an investigation to charge for crimes; the…
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RT @KanchanGupta: This is not about Left/Right. It is about reforming the farm sector for benefit of farmers while protecting them. F…
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RT @iamMaryamRosy: Hello @Harada_Mao my also Indian..u told u like Indian rite😍 Im also Indian.. Plz do say Hi to me 🥰
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RT @metalhead198: To all the people who say one thing and do something else. This is for Here’s a song for you… Fake by Five Fin…
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@robvanstone @mblairYQR I think it’s very safe and correct to say the NFL’s punishment was to let the Broncos suffe…
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Thankful ... it’s going to be a great month . Say I believe !!!!!! #TachaCember
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RT @pubmerchant: College will say "I know these are troubling times" then be the trouble during the times
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@apistone @debscavator @riththewarluid @DLibatique10 Seriously, DM me. I just finished a draft of a chapter on thei…
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i’m not quite insufferable. i’d say i’m sufferable. either way there is definitely suffering involved
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It’s the first day of the last month of 2020 and I just have to say that I truly do not understand
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RT @corythec_art: So ya boi just got mi new @XPPEN DRAWING TABLET!!! And I gotta say, it is a blast! I’ll be uploading a review of it…
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RT @pubmerchant: College will say "I know these are troubling times" then be the trouble during the times
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@richiemc_ @bdsflow I thought I agreed with you at first but I have to say I gotta take it back based on this. Our…
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This fella say “i want to work where everything is calm and no fighting, misunderstanding w each other, all happy”…
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