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RT @babiaannabell: Be like @KPatu_ and save yourself from lining up and waiting for long to see a doctor. @RocketHealthUG is the only.…
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🧨 They're dying to save the world. #MargotRobbie, #IdrisElba, and #JohnCena star in @JamesGunn's #TheSuicideSquad!…
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RT @wolfinycart: WHY YOU SHOULD GET A METRO MANILA (MM) CONSOL (esp. collectors from provinces) a thread; — mm to mm sf costs only…
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@Charpercy84 Why didn’t he come out and say today or yesterday then? Trying to save face
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@00The_Fool 🍁 we just gotta save every primo we can get 💪 good luck!
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RT @akanksha_ipzn: Please please don't let today's tweets flop this is our last chance to save the show otherwise we don't do anything…
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RT @MoonaAwan__: Rape is literally becoming a pandemic. Our higher authorities should prioritize this as one of the primary issues a…
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RT @NewIndianXpress: "Instead of discussing how much water one state gets, they should work together as Cauvery River is being neglected…
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RT @safimichael: NSO makes millions selling a phone hacking tool "to save lives". These women allege Pegasus was used to steal and l…
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@R70XOH Unfortunately yes! It does save time and less bullshit car sales patter!!!!
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RT @UNICEF: No electricity. 💡 No antibiotics. 💊 No vaccines. 💉 Health centres have been attacked and starved of supplies durin…
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RT @SenSchumer: Stories like this are heartbreaking. Please get vaccinated. It could save your life.
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RT @juliahahntv: We are in southern Turkey #Manavgat #Antalya where firefighters struggled to control deadly wildfires for the sixth…
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RT @binanamilk: explains why sanha's caption was "same mic position" 😭 he's a very savage 6'1 ft tall kid istg HAHA #SAVE_JINJIN
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RT @Brianmbunde: Otile has once again come to save the Kenyan Music industry.
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Why Pay Full Price? How to Save While Shopping Online Via @SingleMomIncome
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@ChrisjpHale Demand #DeforestationFree #PalmOil #ChooseSustainable and #SaveOrangutans! @PalmChoice
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RT @Sauravmishra7g1: If u bramhin rajput and baniya Then u pay more tax U are not safe in road Everyone abuse u on social media No law c…
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RT @RealJoelSmalley: I'm being accused of manipulating data again and producing misleading graphs. So here's a nice simple one. COVID de…
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RT @CoriBush: We had no question whether you were on our side @BernieSanders. Thank you for showing up. Our movement will save l…
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