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RT @brianklaas: Unlike some states, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina will report results pretty fast. The ideal outcome is for Bi…
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And it’s not like they offer any meaningful after-sales services, these “authorized premium resellers”. Besides the…
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RT @AtlantisKits: Update & SAVE 15% Happy Halloween from Atlantis
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The mad lads at @london2038 have put their game into Beta & Wiped all the characters.. So you know what would be th…
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RT @conservmillen: Pro-aborts are outraged because Poland has banned abortions except in cases or rape, incest, or to save the life of…
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When are we going to fight this, guys? Agriculture? Hiv?!?!?! But no we must save Mabena the Megaplane
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RT @RachelBitecofer: Aside from excising Trump like a cancerous mole, to save the Republican Party from the extremist entity its become…
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All the Selectors gimmicks will not save the Humpty Dumpty Hybrid Regime from falling down
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RT @RL9631: GO TEXAS! Best political ad EVER! Patriots VOTE RED SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸👊🏻 #TrumpLandslideVictory2020…
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Mesh Office Chair for $59.99! #Save $60 with code 👉 T79CBFKB #Deal #ganga
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RT @bhatsunils: Dear @mukeshkhannamkf Shaktiman, Please save us. All our money is stuck at #PMCBankCrisis & @RBI @RBIsays
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All I can say is some of us worked hard to turn around the educated White vote around and it largely has. It's to…
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RT @votesaveamerica: If you run into any issues or problems while voting, you can call the national or your state's voter protection hot…
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RT @yourMoonstone: Gonna start getting this in Unity too. Looking into how I want the battle screen to go.. Seeing characters actually…
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RT @Zach_Fleisher: Another plea and letter from a front line physician urging action to save lives during COVID-19. #StayHome #Manitoba
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@realDonaldTrump Help us by donating USD $ 1 to save the lives of my wife and children. 👉https: //…
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RT @brycetache: 3 days and we save the country and the world. And I’m not exaggerating. Let’s do this. 🌊 #BidenHarris2020Landslide
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